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"Journalist" lol. I'll take this post as a compliment then.

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"46m people on Live disagree"
Disagree with what?

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To be fair Watch_Dogs is being co-developed with Ubi Montreal, who have a brilliant track record.

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I still think 2013 is the last year the Vita has to prove itself, and the title reflects that. But the difference between this article a doom article is that I don't think the Vita is destined to fail as I'm very optimistic for it in 2013. The title is quite provocative, but people should still consider the actual content of the article, and I'm right in defending it.

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It's not a "declaration of death", it's a very optimistic article.
Urgh... I'm just fucking repeating myself now. Can you man babies please read the article before making all these false accusations?

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Writer here.
Why do you think this is a doom article? It's quite optimistic. Maybe you should actually read it.

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Go away pig.

I put GeoW judgement in the notable games list... and only 2 of the 5 writers are Sony fanboys.

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Why would you review the mod when the Alpha is coming out so soon?

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suck 6 dicks pig
Just kidding. <3 Get unbanned already applexbot

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What is meant is some sort of major "gimmick" as you said. I'm talking about the equivalent to the Wiimote for the Wii for example... not something comparatively minor like linux support and "it plays blu-rays" (PS3 at launch)

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What a great article!

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Where have I said you should do nothing?
Don't buy their products or support their practices and encourage others to do the same is what I've said. That includes educating others on their practices you dislike.
"I didn't personally get any of the paid Mass Effect 3 DLCs but that didn't stop them from selling more than enough to gurantee EA to make more."
And it's that kind of attitude that's holding change, you're thinking individu...

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"You'd think Play UK would know better"

No I wouldn't... I've never liked PLAY and their writers.

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VGchartz numbers are usually decent with an exception here and there. GOW3 is at at least 5M for example.

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There are 5 episodes in season 1, and I think they're going to release a retail version after ep 5.

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Only if it was like a big fortified area run created and run by players. I would like everything in the game to feel completely organic.

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My bad. Original title just had "Sony" in it, I added "Playstation" after and just didn't notice the "is".

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You don't have to read it.

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I could think of a lot more too, but who honestly is gonna read through a list of 20 games? lol. It wouldn't be worth the time I put into it, and these 5 are the 5 I most want to see.

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Writer here. The article was more about Sony/activisions mistake when choosing an approapriate developer and how little sense it made to pick Nihilistic, but points taken and thanks for reading. Maybe the game will be amazing. Seriously doubt it though, sadly.

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