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@EDMIX if it becomes crappier by being on other consoles then that's the way its gonna be, there's nothing you can do about it and you're gonna end up buying it anyways so stop trying to be so philosophical and trying to sound smart cause you just sound like a fanboy. (then again according to this site SONY ended poverty in the world with the help of the ps3 and also cured aids and cancer )

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Define current next gen please......?

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Oh yes Sony best company evaaaar! They found a cure for cancer and aids, they literally give you money and do your laundry too!

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95 to 200 best years no doubt

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@movetheglow Did you just imply that the GameCube is not awesome? Take. It. Back.

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The 90s are back baby!

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yeah let's see what happens when the whole xbox live goes offline forever (as it did with the old xbox, dont say it doestn happen)

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Hahahaha yeah no doubt this will be on the Xbox 360, square knows that almost all of the ps2 fanbase went to the xbox360 when it came out so there is absolutely a great market for this game on the xbox, they would be effing stupid not to release it on up, every metal gear after rising will be on the xbox too :)

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you can't hide you fanboyism can you?

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"hurry! everybody pretend that this is great news!"

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Carmack? Pffft that guy stopped being relevant in 2001...who cares what he says, he is just a has been

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You must have a very limited vocabulary to use such symbols to write your sentences, how sad.

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Dude, nemesis would ABSOLUTELY destroy every cell in a Tank's body

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