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...but most of the list is total BS.

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#1 Would be that not every single person on this planet have acces to high-speed internet. At some places even here in the USA the best that you can get is a low-speed DSL. Now on will they stream a 1080p movie with 7.1 sound???

#2 People like to collect. Most people like to have a large collection of movies on their shelfs which they can pull any minute to watch a movie of their liking and don't have to depend on a service that might have taken off their old favorit...

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...when will the PS3 get those expensions??

EDIT: why all the disagrees???? I was just asking a question....I never stated that this comes to the PS3

What a bunch of morons.

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this game already came out on what issues are we talking about???

EDIT: also....the demo was on the PS store as well so looks like it works :D

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MS goes to Capcom:

MS: Here is some $ make MvsC2 exclusive.

CAPCOM: Noooo we can't do that......but....if you give us that $ we make it a 2 week exclusive!!!!

MS: Deal!!! (evil laugh) Now all the PS3 owners will buy a 360!!!

Or something along those lines.

Otherwise it makes 0 business sence to do something like this.

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how can I get into those adds.

I need a laptop. :D

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defenatley not before Snake, Marcus and Drake.

And yeah....where is Duke??? hummmm???

I want answers.

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Though, my first language isn't English either I tried to pull myself together on this one because it pisses me off just as well.

I live in NYC right now and I experience this every single day. I can't even look at a black person because they will spin it into racism...that I didn't looked at them the right way.

There are many cool black guys as well but the majority is just nuts with this racism crap...especialy Al Sharpton. Tha famous priest from NYC who is on ...

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falling on to the other side of the horse.

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In todays world racism is basicaly hatred towards black people...yeah you read that right. Ask any black person and they will tell you the same. They honestly belive that and will find anything to scream racism.

If you are white it's can be discriminated against, pushed down from your possition, taken out from a line, fired from a job and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. You can't say racism because you are white. But if you are black you can say that this...

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Plain and simple.

By his logic: We should get rid off the Wii because it's to kid friendly. We should get rid of the PC because it's to complicated.

See??? It's easy to make up idiotic remarks. Though I can't sink as low to write page after page about it.

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What an idiot you are! You amaze me....I like to study people like you.

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...they are in fact lazy. I got 0 respect for Valve....0 respect ever since that fat idiot, Gabe Newel opened his mouth about the PS3.

What a bunch of lazy spoiled developers they are. They should deserve that one one buys their L4D2 because of this and because it's more like an expension pack insted of a sequel. That also shows how lazy they are.

Oh and...HL2 wasn't that great. FU Velve....FU!!!

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what is it duing here?

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SE just WOW. That's what we should call SE from now on, WOW.

Not only have they turned their back on the PS3 with the last few games they released exclusively on the 360 but they gave away one of the biggest PS3 exclusives (FF13). Now you might have thought hat ok, they try to redeem themselves by having FF14 as a PS3 exclusive and in a single day they turn around and say that they are thinking that it will be multiplatform. Way to steal SONY's momentum SE. Great job. I unders...

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Looks good.

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