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but you have to hold it up against whats out on the market.
If PD released 2 versions of GT, one with all the bells and whistles and one thats stripped down, you wouldn't expect those two games to get the same score.

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By then psvr2 is problably already on the doorstep

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Im pretty sure any company would say that, they would rarely say anything that would impact sales negatively.

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You should have used "Popular" instead of "Best"

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Heres the list of PSVR games with a metacritic rating over 90


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"PSVR went on to be the most successful VR option available."

I think you mean

PSVR went on to be the least failing VR option available.

Now we all have different opinions of success, mine was that VR would catch fire(more fire than the wii heck even the Iphone), but we know that isn't happening. And before anyone says X company is in for the slow burn, Dont, no company is heading headfirst into a brand new product line h...

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@DiceAndRice I dont think those pictures show the difference clearly.

I see some small differences, but if you were to hold those two pictures up to my head and ask me which was PS4/PS4Pro, it would be a coinflip.

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"Microsoft can try to monopolized the VR platform, but Sony still have the advantage for the 100th times. Sony have the installed base, plus the internal developers and exclusive games."

The article is heavily focused on VR/MR for windows, not really sure how Sony's userbase on PS4 is related to it.

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Would've been faster to write

"I'm a huge sony fanboy"

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"If you're judging first gen VR games based on where current flat screen gaming is today, you pretty much missed something."

Thats pretty much how the human mind is wired, we judge things by our past experiences, I dont think he didn't missed anything.
You can argue all day why how things should be different, but it's a battle you can't win.
This is one of the battles VR needs to win by it's own merit.

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The SNES got Unholy Night, this year, I guess that platform isn't dead by those standards then.

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I would talk MS out of the whole kinect idea

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In general no it's not ok, but in Kanye's case I think it is.
He really lowered the bar when he ruined Talor Swifts acceptance speech.
I dont see why he, or anyone on his behalf would expect a higher standard.

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maybe he meant kilometers

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would've been so much easier to see if joels flashlight wasn't on in 1.09 patch

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I guess the X360 and PS3 arent dead either then

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Too bad was hoping to see Virtua Boy 2

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I dont know how much stock to put in that sales number. Knack was one of the Launch titles, so the selection of games was much narrower then.

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"don't sell that much more"

the word "That" could refer to a few different things here, it could be the:
factor 2-3, your vg numbers do not support that.
factor 3+, your vg numbers do not support that.
some arbitrary number, congrats??, if it were not for this sentence "given the massive difference in the install base.".

you're just posting what almost everyo...

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"...worthy of remembering."

I seriously cant remember what the story was about

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