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Talk about being thorough #3
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Anyone have an indication of how much better than PS2? #6
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Hope to see anything with Campaign Coop #3
hmm, was hoping for something else, I guess something is better than nothing. #12

2. Graphical and Gameplay Mods
& 3. Higher frame rate, resolution, AA, etc.

How does this change the fact that you can get Higher framerate,resultion,AA and Mods on PC?

4. No money to the developer...just saying, it's not all good.

5. Backwards Compatibility
The current ps3 slim dosnt even support this anymore, you'd need some of the earlier versions: a 20GB or a 60GB or some certain 80GB... #20.1.4
new account already? lol #1.1
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Sony havent limited the Vita to Local Network, but they should, cause it's near unplayable otherwise. #1.1.7
I kinda expected the PS3 to match or beat the PS2, afterall all companies strive to do better with each iteration of their product.
However after seeing the PS3 performing under par, I didn't quite know what to expect from the PS4, but im glad to see theyre back on track. #11
"They don't need to sell more consoles,"...

uhmm what?. #3.1
Is this a port of the PC version released a year ago?. #5
hmm... so I'm suppose to feel better because MS offerings are equally bad?!?!?!

Doctor told you only 3 days left to live huh?
Well look at the bright side, somewhere out there is a guy with only 2 days left. #1.3.8
The PS2 was anything but sleek....2 boxes placed on top of eachother #2.4
No effort put into these wallpapers #12
Looks like something that came out of a Toy Vending Machine #1.2.5
Finally some coop love #4
Too bad you'll be busy trolling on N4G according to your comment history. #6.1
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Whats life like in Japan once you've reached 20?
Im just wondering since there is such a focus on the preteens, teens. #5
BO3 for PS4,X1,PC

For PS3 and 360 #10.1
"Scantily Dressed 13 Year Old"

Is this by any chance a japanese game? #37
yes, that statement could be true while the next COD is only 1% better than last years #14
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