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I found rumours about aliens visiting earth on google...guess itz legitz #1.3.3
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Yeah bring those new skins and maps #2
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Why is your nose shaped like a triangle??

ILLUMINATI!!! :O :O :O #2.5
save us all some time and call it
"Motorcycle Debacle" #2.2
Dont show me anything i cant play within 6 months #10
"The issue was unforeseen cut them a break"

LMAO #4.1.1
Seriously, that atleast isnt trying to be irritating on purpose #1.2.2
Neither Demons Souls or Dark Souls, were the biggest hit of the year they released and understandably so, since alot of gamers would consider these games, more or less, niche games.
But a game inspired by the aforementioned is bound to be biggest hit of 2015???... #1.1.11
If I bought a product to enjoy with my friends, and it still didnt work 11days after release, i wouldntt give a **** about how great the graphics are. #8.3
you forgot "/s" #29.4
Im sure they will dish up some totally unknown indie titles #26.2
Greatest excuse of all time, I could sell sand in sahara with that approach #9.1.3

Im with ya bro, lets play some dc together...oh wait.. #1.6.2
Its Knack 2 #1.1.15
She dosnt look anything like Ellie... #11
That sentence has become a "timeless classic" #6.1
Going by various DC forums, your definition of "Loving it" varies greatly from mine. #1.11.1
Nerfs all around(almost), nothing to put a damper on your destiny itch like knowing you're sucking more than yesterday. #3
Cant log into destiny is it Sony or Bungie? #1.1.5
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I wish they'd never started project Natal #1.1.7
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