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"the responsible persons have no plans to publish annual console updates, as is usual in the smartphone market, for example"

In other news, water is wet.

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@Apocalypse Shadow
"First the article writer talks about polyphony not releasing a game yet since PS4 launch. But neglects that polyphony released GT6 December 2013...AFTER PS4 launch in November of 2013 with 1200 cars, 78 tracks and 38 locations. "

Im not getting it, unless the article was changed:

"Sony Interactive Entertainment hasn’t released a Gran Turismo on the PlayStation 4 since the system launched in 2013&q...

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It's an arcade version of golf right?, not a simulation?

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Looks relaxing

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By the power of greyskull!

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I couldn't find a single article from this author(Austin Ferm) praising anything about MS or xbox.

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Your friends sound about as credible as the "Insider friend" you have at Microsoft
I have a friend that works for Microsoft Xbox division and he said the price will be $550. Remember I said this you can bookmark it as well.

Atari won E3!!!

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I dosn't make any sense to me unless it's a retro console akin to the
Nintendo Classic Mini NES
or a handheld

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SIlence is golden

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I didn't realize this was a tell-tell like game before reading these comments, i'm kinda disappointed.

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I'm sure it is, but it's just too big a chunk of money out of the budget for me.

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Im guessing someone got REKT

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hmm youtube views.......whats the thumbnail of the month to get 1 million views?...oh a "fidget spinner" ok cool.

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"in my european country Xbox owners are nearly 0 "

Must be cool living in the Vatican City

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second only to the splash made by Final Fantasy Heavy Metal Fishing

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my first reaction was "Showelware", guess we will see how this pans out. If it's good, maybe we will get Final Fantasy Bowling soon.

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I remember a certain company using the wording:
"Exclusive Console Debut"

so it's pretty much "these" companies

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I find it weird that a company would hold of "the good stuff", for a smaller conference(PSX). I mean if you had to choose one conference where you really shine, wouldn't E3 be it?.

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I could see the younger audience caring, the ones that cant afford more than one console.

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