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They just need to tie it in, with that japanese game "Hatoful Boyfriend", AKA the pigeon dating simulator.

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Why read a bunch of articles speculating what the game is about, when we got Sean Murray, the one guy who knows most about the game, telling us in person, what the game is about.

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At this point theres hardly
any difference

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I dont know, seems kind of difficult with 18 quintillion planets

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Stopped playing when Deadly, Fierce(and something) on a weapon was what everyone wanted. The total RNG of the game just totally put me could play for a week and not have improved anything about your character.
Tehn they started raising gear scores, making the gear you already had irrelevant.

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Just horrible

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Makes me wonder what rioting would look like.

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This has nothing to do with AngryJoe, his review came out on the 21 of august, game was released on the 9th of august. The comments about nms havent really changed since before/after AJ's review.

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So out of a myriad of videos, people should know to only watch 4 specific videos?.

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You mean "IAmTylerDurden1"?

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Hopefully the WiiU was a hard lesson learned that they can't replicate the success of the original Wii.
But I'm not getting my hopes up and wont be surprised if the thing has wheels, propeller, and a touchscreen that goes in your mouth.

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I know, but I think they we're still putting out some good games. After this merge, I'm not sure what they are.

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For the ones arguing the PS3's case:

PS2 has stopped production and final sales stopped at 155 million.
PS3 may still be in production and total sales are somewhere between 80-90m, but lets just say they reach 100m by the time they stop production.

Heres the point:
If your newest iteration of your flagship product sells 50% less than it's predecessor, YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG

Dosn't matter if your comp...

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Hmm beeen so fond of bioware most of my gamerlife... Not liking this one bit

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"Sony hasn't released a single exclusive on PC..."

You must be new to the gaming scene

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Noone wants a broken game, but this is about estimating development. If you are getting alot of your estimates wrong....change them.

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That kinda goes both ways

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If I ever develop an undying love for Horror, Adventure, Puzzle or JRPG games, your statement will resonate with me.

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To be honest, I'm a little disappointed.

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