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The article is titled a bit misleading, problably to trigger people.

Anyhow, the dev is talking about how a game must support all xbox models(basemodel, xbox1 s, xbox1x), vs
Just supporting xbox1x,

And if that fact could be a hindrance for the xbox1x

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I dont think they did, Media Create isnt linked to dw9, I think they do some gaming market research in asia.

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Berates people for getting numbers from VGCharts, then pulls numbers out of a hat.

A bit hypocritical there. Who knows, your numbers could be right, but noone here actually knows, they just act like they know.

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I rarely clean mine, but I dont mind the jet-engine to much since I often wear a headset with ear-cups

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Perhaps, the only contenders I can think of is Minecraft and World of Warcraft, but I don't know the numbres for either.

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Well, you wont really be bothering with those upgrades/updates if you've got a thin client, all the horsepower is at the server.

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"The peanuts you receive for your traded in game are then quadrupled when they sell a used game for $5 less then brand new. The used game store is making all the money while devs are left out in the cold....... "

This is so true, I dont know how you got so many disagrees.

the used prices are set so Retailer gets $$, devs get 0

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If total cost, for the consumer, ends up in favour of these services, I wouldnt mind.

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I've actually been waiting for Knack for a while. Couldn't bring myself to buy it as I was convinced it had to be on next months ps+. Good to finally see it arrive.

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I guess hell froze over

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Well that kind of makes sense, although I think the the people behind the games would also profit.

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"it is time to focus on the software. And in Microsoft they know it and they are ready to work."

I dont know if something went wrong in translation, but I kinda hoped they had already started.

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Woah, wasn't expecting it to work for anybody,
The headlines said "thousands affected" and the userbase is like 70million, thats almost like 100%


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I think you 2 are blowing things way out of proportion, this is something you see in marketing all the time.

I dont remember anyone complaining when Sony had their

"It Only Does Everything"

for the PS3

but I guess when it's MS, "OH NO Get out the dictionaries and Wiki Definitions".

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Really who cares, MS should not even have been a contender.

by mid 2006
PS2 sales 103Million
Xbox 24Million

by the end of the next generation, they were equals, how is that a success for Sony?.

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"this year's event may not be what you expect. There will be some "changes."
"....I think will be some positive changes at E3"

I find it hard to get excited over those statements, really hope he's trying to downplay it.

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problably less cheating on the console version

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Since the development time for a game usually is 3 years and beyond, lets hope he brought his A game 3 years ago and it carries fruit at this years E3

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that saltiness

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So let me get this right. It's a trailer showing bits of another trailer from last year?

and people are jumping for joy?

Sony are Masterminds

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