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I was tempted to get it on ps4, but i ended up buying it for 25gbp on ebay for a steam code. #1.10
Do you write for by any chance? #15.3
sometimes less is more #2.4
Where's the mystery??

PS4 larger installbase => more Fifa sold
XBOXOne 3rd price slash this year => more Console sales #1.23
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"And if you didn't notice, powerful governments, banks, and every other major retail chain has had the same happen to them over the last few years. "

Thats no excuse, bad security is bad, no matter how many companies are bad at it. #1.2.19
"fanboy desperation"

applies for the both of you #5.1.1

"Scheduled maintenance downtime is a clue to it not being as secure? Really, Salty?"

Are you really defending Sony's security after a group of hackers walked right in and copied an entire DB a few years ago? #1.2.12
Something changed, but noone noticed and Sony didn't find it newsworthy enough to make an announcement....

Must be slim pickings in the news feed today #1.1.11
level 27 in destiny right now, and I must admit the current endgame is really booring, my interest is dying fast #1.1.7
Not having read the article im just gonna respond:

"Enough with the cave already!" #12
Since we're going down the path of "schoolgirls in tight outfits and pink hair"
might as well add

Onechanbara Z2 Chaos #1.1
THen you're gonna love the re-remastered version next year #3.2.1
I dunno, this game looks weird and certainly is different, but not in a way that screams 'must have', to me. #1.1
I find the fusion rifle unreliable, sometimes all the streams hit, and sometimes 2 thirds miss on near identical shots. #2.4.3

yeah luckily almost every map is a shotgun feast #2.2.2
I remember some years ago terrorists hijacked a plane.....planes are stupid...we should get rid of planes #14.2
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How does the amount of racing games somehow make this list better?.

Im suppose to throw my arms up in the air and cheer that the one game for ps4 on the list is a racing game, because there are so few already on ps4?.....

In my eyes the amount of racing titles on PS4, is an entirely different problem #19.1.1
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As a ps4 owner, that was just a sad list #19
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But what defines console gaming? long as i can come home, sit on the couch and do some gaming with a gamepad on the big screen, I dont really care what type of hardware is underneath. #1.6.2
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lol #2.10.2
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