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"PR talk"

You would know all about that being the biggest Sony PR fanboy on this site.

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Ok I heard it was going to be centered around Online racing, but this is still surprising in a bad way.

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Fog up and take my money

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I thought Resellers were just type of scalper?.

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in true 4K

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looked at you comment history and just on the first page(out of 3 lol)

"Nah, PS will always be on top and is destroying the living shit outta your beloved POS xbox."
"Glad you didn't buy xbox."
"Yup, unlike the regurgitated trash on the xbox side. Yuck"
"Xbone Xposed does "pseudo" 4k too."
"Yup, glad game is coming to steam where it'll actually sell unlike xbone."

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"Sumo without art the amazing power that you are selling is just PR."


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The thing is.....(Starts talking about something completely different)

Ok the thing is, has anyone noticed there are fewer dandelions this year?, cuz I was thinking, I know this looks a bit silly for Sony this time, but maybe the problem goes away if we start talking about dandelions, so dandelions anyone?.

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It's nice to know that there is something lower than the "Bottom of a barrel".

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You list some excellent games, but half of them didn't innovate anything.

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I think he was making a joke, but I think you managed to kill it.

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yes, actually I'm thinking about a career change....always wanted to be a fighter pilot, I'm guessing once i'm able to write PSVR ACE Combat 7 on my resume, they'll pretty much slap me into a cockpit right away.

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I loved this game, but then I've been a fan of isometric crpg's all my life.

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""I have played many, many more times of such game; and every time I play ... I shouldn't be talking any more,"he said. "It is a game. They are not making movies. It is now very narrow.""

Im guessing something was lost in translation

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But it hasn't really taken off, they way most had hoped.

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"the responsible persons have no plans to publish annual console updates, as is usual in the smartphone market, for example"

In other news, water is wet.

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@Apocalypse Shadow
"First the article writer talks about polyphony not releasing a game yet since PS4 launch. But neglects that polyphony released GT6 December 2013...AFTER PS4 launch in November of 2013 with 1200 cars, 78 tracks and 38 locations. "

Im not getting it, unless the article was changed:

"Sony Interactive Entertainment hasn’t released a Gran Turismo on the PlayStation 4 since the system launched in 2013&q...

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It's an arcade version of golf right?, not a simulation?

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Looks relaxing

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