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It's simply amazing how easily people can be brainwashed by just be hype alone.

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Hmmm, I can play pretty much any game at 1080p 60+fps on Ultra setting on my PC and it does so much more.....

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Big whoop?!? They took a 720p game and made it 1080p...that's makes it the best thing ever!

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You do realize that Sony rewards publishers for that sort of thing, right?

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To u got PC version has been doing that since release. Why do you console only gamers keep bragging about the PS4 doing 1080p?!? My nearly 2 year old PC is more powerful and in a year or so, I'll build a new one that will smoke the consoles multiple times over and still be able to play any of the millions of games available.

I also own all of the consoles for their exclusives, but stop bragging up 1080p PS4 games that are also on the PC, it just looks fooli...

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While I don't own a PS4 or Xbox Box One, from my observations, the absolutely rabid nature of Sony fanboys has done more to hurt the Xbox One than anything. I hope you fanboys enjoy those checks that sony's sending out for your loyalty....oh wait they're not, you did it all for free...morons.

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PS4 systems are readily available in my area (West Michigan).

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It's stupid f*cktards like this making bs threads since before the Wii U was even released that has hurt it more than anything. Why don't you people grow up and get a life.

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Do you speak for everyone now? I have a 3DS XL, PS3, Vita, Wii U and Xbox 360. I'm not buying either a PS4 or Xbox One anytime soon and really enjoy my Wii U, so, no you cannot confirm that nobody would rather have a PS4 than a Wii U.

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"PS4 sold over a million units and Xbox One 7,000"...pull numbers out of the air much? No one is going to take anything you say seriously with a quote like that.

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To all of you who are bragging about the number of PS4 pre-orders there are, I don't think they are as high as you think. Also, I only know a couple people with one on pre-order, and they are planning on selling theirs to try and make a few bucks off them. I'm sure a large percent of the pre-ordered systems will end up on eBay and Craig's List.

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Yet, if this was on the Xbox One or Wii U, all the PoS4 fans that are defending this would be all over it, wouldn't they?

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PS4 just a slightly more powerful PS3 confirmed!

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What about the amazing Sony hype machine that makes it sound like the PS4 is the new super computer when it's not even as powerful as my 18 month old desktop that can do far more than just play slightly enhanced PS3 games.

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Only 51 games out of the 60,737 tracked on VGCharts have broke the 10m barrier. 32 of the 51 were published by Nintendo. Sounds like a tall order to me.

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Since I can't reply to the trolls that commented on PigPens post, I'll post it here.

Since Sony released the PS1, they have made a profit in the gaming industry of about $2 billion. During the exact same time, Nintendo has made a profit of about $24 billion. Nintendo is sitting on about $14 billion in cash. Sony just sold their two biggest office buildings just to stay afloat. Before you all attack PigPen, you should take your fanboy blinders off and see the situ...

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Funny, I own all the systems and feel EA is completely out of sync with the future of my gaming.

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It's amazing what a combination of re-sellers hording, hype and slightly better graphics can do.

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Maybe it's time to act your age and embrace all the systems. Being a fanboy only hurts you.

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The PS4 and Xbox One will be the first video game systems launches that I will skip since the NES. The good thing for me is that I can use all that money to buy tons of great games that will be out for the 3DS/PS3/Vita/Wii U/Xbox 360 :)

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