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Now he is working with Guerrilla Games. Konami's great loss. Viva Decima!

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Don't die before TLOU2!

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I wasn't expecting to see so many games. But TLOU2 was a big surprise.

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Worth every penny and then some. PSVR is outstanding and a ton of fun.

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The "point" being for some reason people and the media keep trying to hype it up as a PS5 or some next gen machine. The reality is that Sony has offered it's customers a PLAYSTATION FOUR that has more ram, a better CPU and GPU. Bottom line it's still a PS4. For my standpoint it's a pretty good deal. If I were to buy a standard PS4 and upgrade the HD, I'd almost be at the same price point as the PRO, yet, people are complaining about all the things the PS4 is not and ...

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PS4 Pro is going to go down in history as the most misunderstood console in history. The irony is that it's just a PS4 and few people get that.

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The United States just elected the most liberal spend happy Democrat ever. In addition, Clinton received more votes than Trump. Hard to see how "liberalism is dead". Also the nice 4k+ PS4 Pro deal seems rather liberal.

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The game that keeps on giving!

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people have a reading and listening problem. It's not a PS5. It's a PS4! Spend an extra $45 to $100 and you get a PS4 with a much better GPU and CPU and more RAM which will in turn make you games look better. THATS IT!

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we are not talking about a game. They are comparing a gaming system which for all intent and purpose does not exist to a machine that will drop in 9 days.

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this guy is "rich".

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Until there a release date and price for the Scorpio, no it does not matter. And even then it still may not matter.

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I think Battlefield requires a lot more skill than COD. I hadn't played BF in a couple of years and the first time I entered an MP game I was able to get 30+ kills. I was never able to do that before playing BF4. Doesn't make it any less fun per se but I can see where someone coming over to BF1 from COD would have a harder time. Also the environments in BF1 add a bit more stress to the experience.

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I wonder if the person who wrote the story understands the real reason we have w PS4 Pro in the first place.

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What Patcher doesn't seem to get is that the PS4 Pro is just a PS4. Nor does he or most people seem to understand why we have the new PS4Pro in the first place (see AMD). Lastly, Most playstation owners are STILL playing on a PS3. FOr someone who is in the market for a new PS4, wants a 1TB HD, paying en extra $45 for a PS4 Pro which has more RAM, faster CPU, and Faster GPU is kind of a no brainer. Again, it's just a PS4 with a cherry on top, not a PS5.

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I thought I read that some games will run at native 4k? and why are they comparing the scorpio, which does not have a release day with a system that will be out in 3 weeks? I guess Sony could release a statement say the PS5 will be the most power gaming console. If scorpio is between $300 and $400 and can run the Rift, I'll get one. But I doubt I will be getting one.

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Yeah I agree. I loved the weapons. I just wish they had more of them. The game looked incredible. They need to teach those anti aliasing skills to some other devs.

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they just need to expand on what they started. Deeper and branching story, open the world up, add MP. The game played great, looked great and had a decent story. We just needed more of it.

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It's only $39.99, $31.99 if you are a prime member. Anyone who has a playstation should be a prime member because you get all the games @20% of if you pre-order.

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And if you are a Prime Member you can get it for $31.99

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