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I hope Watchdogs 3 is the game Watchdogs 2 should be.

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My guess is that it will come to the PS4 as well.

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notice how the framerate is also chugging for the real people in the video. its a bad off screen video.

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This happens every time a studio completes a project. The reverse happens when studios start a project. Most of the people that lose their jobs at the end of a project know they will only be contracted until the project is complete. I have no idea why this is news and anyone who has followed the industry for any length of time should know this.

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@RPGSAMA, 100% agree!

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XB1 and PS4 were released in the same month. I bought them both. PS3 and XB 360 were both current gen systems even though they were released months apart. This is a totally different situation.

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But we have tried it. PS4 Pro is just a PS4 with better graphics. I think that's what is getting lost. It's not a next gen machine. If Sony had never introduced the Pro, we would have the current hardware until the next Playstation cycle. Instead they offered us a chance to play PLAYSTATION FOUR games at a higher resolution and in some cases better performance and view media in 4k and for that, we have backlash. Amazing. Why are people mad, upset, and disappointed at Sony for merely ...

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Why are we comparing a machine that is basically out now with a machine that we don't even have a release date for? Breaking news: PS6 is more powerful than Xbox Scorpio!

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why is it so hard for people to understand the the PS4Pro is just a PS4? Its not a PS5. Its not meant to replace the regular PS4. its not a next gen machine. It still just a PS4.

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its still a ps4. what are people expecting?

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id rather have the more powerful machine.

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I think a lot of people are under the impression that the PS4 Pro was meant to be a next gen machine. It's not. It's still a PS4. The PS4 probably has 3-4 more years in it's life cycle. Sony has introduced (as they always have done) a smaller and sleeker version of their current gen system. They never made any significant changes to the slim versions of the PS2 or the PS3. Basically those machines were more or less the same machines from start to end of their respective cycles wi...

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why would anyone expect it it drastically effect game play? Presentation, yes, Gameplay no.

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Adding UHD Blu ray support would have probably put the price point over $500 at release. It's clear that they wanted a price point under $400 and they wanted to release it this year. However I would have been willing to spend $500 or more for UHD support.

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@ $399 im in!

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I love this game. This is a sleeper hit!

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I know so many people who have said they have zero interest in Playstation VR; until they tried it. I was also on the fence with it until I tried it. now is a must have system. I would advise everyone that loves gaming to at least give VR a try. There is a reason that all of the PSVR sets are currently sold out.

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I'd like to see some PVP/Ship Vs. Ship, and the ability to play as other factions.

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don't forget, you 7 year old does not have to wear the headset to enjoy playing with you. The social screen will allow players not wearing the headset to play along. This really looks fun. I can't wait to play it. next month!

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This is a really good write-up and preview of Bridge Crew. Definitely worth the read! I am looking forward to Star Wars in VR, but I must admit I'm more anxious to play Bridge Crew.

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