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The Spiderman costume has changed almost every year going back to 1989 and also had several versions through the 60's and 70's. The costume shown in the trailer is most likely the newest iteration of the Spiderman costume. Disney/Marvel/Sony are very protective of their brands. I doubt this is Insomniac taking liberties with the costume and I would imagine that every costume going back to 1962 will be available as DLC.

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translation: the NX won't be as powerful as the scorpio or NEO.

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since no NEO specs have been officially announced, what is the point of this story?

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I thought that was so funny. The trailer was amazing. Even I was blown away. and then when the Call of Duty title flashed across the screen, silence. I had Zero interest in Call of Duty but now i'm really looking forward to it.

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This is a temporary promotion for 2 weeks only. We probably won't see demo stations at each Best Buy outlet util the product releases in October.

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"The versions we’re right now tuning and testing are graphically comparable with PC HIGH quality on PS4 and MEDIUM for Xbox One..." hmmmmm. I Sony holding back on the true specs of their machine once again?

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Capcom is going to announce "Deep Up" As the new XB1 exclusive to be released in 2026.

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This again...

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I don't see how playing the game on a PC is not a true representation of how the game looks and plays. Less that 40% of PC gamers have rigs that can output at 1080p, not to mention playing a game with ultra settings engaged. People get so caught up with graphics that they forget about the other important things like how the game actually plays and if the game is fun. Much ado about nothing IMO.

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That was pretty epic! It was like a drag race. This is going to breathe new life into eSports. I've never enjoyed watching other people play video games so much!

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Lack of must have exclusives is holding me back but I am very hopeful for Sea of Thieves.

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You are operating under the assumption that all or many of the Rift games would be ported over to the new XB1, I seriously doubt that will happen. It seems to me that MS is once again reacting to what Sony is doing. Holo Lense was supposed to be the next big thing coming from MS, not VR. That being said, I hope that the Rift will be XB1S compatible. It will make the device more accessible to a lot more people.

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I don't care how powerful a system is; if it doesn't have the big exclusives it's won't matter. That being said I am very enthusiastic about the XB1 exclusive, "Sea of Thieves".

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Doesn't need anymore. Incredible game!

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I don't think UC4 was mean to be a stealth game. However I did enjoy the challenge of taking down enemies without guns blazing. I think they did a pretty good job with stealth in TLOU and UC4.

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I actually like the video but I hit dislike because I'm a follower and easily influenced.

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Praise the Lords of Kobol!

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Kinda hard t believe Gamespot gave UC4 a 10/10. Glad to see that it's getting favorable reviews.

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I just pre-ordered mine through gamestop.

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