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My point is why limit yourself to either or? PS4 has more exclusive games, but the the new XBox will also have some worthy exclusives as well as some desirable features that the Pro does not have. Some people spend thousands on a PC rig just to play 1 driving game. It's all about what you value. I don't own and XB1 now so if I'm going to buy one I might as well get the best version.

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2 Reasons to get the both; Spiderman and Sea of Thieves.

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I still want one. But i'll get a Pro first.

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The sensation of speed is what most driving games are missing. As great as Forza and GT look, Driveclub still beats them in this area as well as many lighting and climate effects. DC was a game ahead of its time and is still a joy to play.

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Driveclub still wins.

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I have mixed feelings regarding the price. For what you get I don't think it's over priced but I can see how a lot of people would think so. I have been waiting for some must have exclusives to before I bought and XB1 but still have not pulled the trigger. Sea of Thieves looks like a killer app. I'm in the market for a 4k Blu Ray player and those cost about $250. But that's also the price of the XBS. Does the 4K and what should be better performance warrant an extra $250? I...

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maybe this year. it said 2017!

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I don't think people are saying there are no games, there just aren't as many quality exclusive games as the PS4. I'm looking forward to Sea of Thieves. That one game might be enough to push me to buy the scorpio.

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I'm a Sony fan and if the price is right ($499.99) or better, and greater variety of exclusive titles are added I will surely pick one up at launch.

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to be clear, it does not take 6 months to deactivate. If you don't have another PS4 or play at another persons house there is no need to deactivate unless your system gets stolen or sold, in which case, the ability to deactivate via another PS4 is plus. As other's have states 2 step verification makes it very hard for another person to remotely deactivate your PS4.

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if you have more than 1 PS4 or play on a friends PS4 away from home its very helpful.

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why does it take you 6 months? I activate and deactivate my ps4 all the time when im switching my primary account from one PS4 to my other PS4.

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Like everyone else, I've know about this game for a while but had no intention on buying it, at least right away. I can't believe the high praise this game is getting. I'm terribly back logged but I might just have to go ahead and pick it up now. PS4 is doing well with it's exclusives.

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That's what you call putting "love" into a game. Well done GG!

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Sadly I agree. I'm still waiting for a reason to buy an XB1. Help me Sea of Thieves, you're my only hope...

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spot on

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I agree. Rayman Legends os one of the best platform games ever. I'd add Child of Light and AC Black Flag to the list.

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tried the VR demo. It was intense to say the least.

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