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This isnt really an Article. Just a few words with little or no significance, and then a list of unconfirmed speculation.

If you're gonna make such a sensationalist title you better have some real analysis to back it up. Even a comparison of speculation would do. Who approved this nonsense? #24
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In concept its quite similar to Burnout Paradise online. Which is obviously brilliant! Consider me hyped! #15
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@ Gradient
What 'Bearthur' said. You are full of sh*t. #2.4
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I remember loving this game! I would buy it straight away if it was on psn #5
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I feel like its cheating to not mention World of Goo! That game had some epic tunes, it reminded me very much so of old school Worms music. #10
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Im afraid this article is very poorly written, and your arguments are shamefully presented.

Also, the fact that you said ‘yeah it sucks, GET OVER IT’ it your edit makes me cringe. Very unprofessional.

I could make a much better case trying to say the same thing as you, and not come over as a 15 year old wannabee freelance journalist who just got his first pen.

This is why the gaming industry remains a joke to other journalist areas, because of little pri... #24
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This is a pretty poorly constructed article.

I mean i have no problem with someone trying to argue that 360 is the console of the decade but this guys reasoning is just so inaccurate, biased and ignorant it makes me cringe.

In fact, i'm gonna put it out there and say its the worst article ive read this year lol #15
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Guys if any of you go over to the options screen you will see that all driving aids are turned off and the physics are set on professional. That'l be why you all suck - dont worry the full game will have them all turned on as default just like all previous GTs. #1.24
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Just because ACIT got a higher score than U2 doesn't mean they think its better, they were reviewed by different people. #1.7
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Will all of you shut the f*ck up and stop complaining about the score for a game you haven't played. ESPECIALLY how its a bloody great score.

I am buying it 100& and only if the game scored 6's would that change my mind.

Also XBOX AVATARS SHOE - you are a moron. How can you complain that any game got 'ONLY 9.3'

UNICRON is right on the money with his comment, AAA doesn't mean anything anymore cause of fanboys using it at every opportunity #11
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You're funny.

I had a look at your comments, it seems you make about 50 comments a day. Must be hard fitting that around your hectic social life.

Oh sorry, 'Social Life'? It means when you spend time with friends.

Oh sorry 'Friends'?....oh never mind #9.2
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Just because ign give infamous a 9+ doesn't automatically make it 'AAA'.

I suppose it comes down to your definition of AAA, and IMO its complete bullsh*t. I don't like how the term has just become a word for any game scoring over 9.
I don't like when people say 'AAA Confirmed'
The phrase has lost all meaning.

Regarding Infamous, i think everyone can agree that its a very solid title, (in my eyes a 8.5) but in no way an outstanding or groundbreaking one. #12.10
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I think it hurts alot to release on the same day a Uncharted 2, they probably didn't see it coming how big Uncharted has become. Although i'm definitely getting Brutal Legend a few weeks after Uncharted.

The presentation does it for me...and then theres the fact that its got Jack Black... #20
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Stop approving these articles.

No-one give a f*ck if textures are 2% sharper on one console it makes NO difference to the overall experience.

There has been very few cases where one SKU is significantly inferior graphically and only then are these articles neccesary.

Only for fanboys, delusionists, and petty old cunts. #30
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So what you're saying is
This game is Okami? #4
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Oh my god
Shutup. These artices are bullshit. #11
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if portal only gets a 9 for innovation then how can you get a 10!? #29
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You seem to be one of the few on here who just talk sense, fair play. #16.1
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What an obscenely arrogant statement.

They just lost my respect.

BTW id like to hear the reasons for the disagrees...?
Yep didnt think you had any. #12
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