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As I understand it the guy actually wanted an Xone, but didnt have a pair of pants big enough. #1.1.4
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Sonofgod, I was replying to you saying that Sony screwed consumers over with the price of the PS3, I was just pointing out you were wrong,

as for the videos you posted Remember Milo? I would trust Sony with gaming far more than MS, the start of this gen proved how out of touch MS was with gamers and gamers quite rightly called them out on their ridiculous plans to control gaming. #3.2.6
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This is a perfect example of the freedom and innovation Sony gives their 1st party studios, Sony have never been afraid to push the boudaries and it's gamers that win.

Looking forward to seeing more of this extraordinary game. #1.1
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The PS3 was expensive, but to claim Sony screwed customers over with the price is ridiculous, the tech inside the PS3 for the time was high end everything from the CELL to BLU-RAY to bluetooth support, HDMI and WI FI all standard.

All that cost money and Sony actually sold the PS3 at a loss despite it's high price, hardly screwing over consumers, the PS3 had many issues one of the main ones was launching an expensive machine right at the start of one of the biggest recess... #3.2.2
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MS gifted this gen to Sony, I doubt even MS believe they have any real chance this gen is about damage limitation, the best they can hope is to repair the damage they started with this gen, building enough of a base to come out swinging next gen.

The only question remaining is exactly how close to Sony they can get, probably not that close in my opinion. #1.4
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There is and never will be a weakness in Sony's first party support, they have focused for years on gathering the cream of the programming world to support the Playstation and have always backed their consoles with not just quality but innovative first party games.

Sony is in a very Strong position this gen, PS4 sales make third party deals easier and cheaper to make, while top notch developers like Naughty Dog come up with the quality first party titles that the consol... #1.1.3
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Sony certainly have some impressive developers, another wow looking game thats showing real potential.

Bring it on #1.2.1
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Gearsofwar, if it helps you sleep better, you keep telling yourself that #1.1.27
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I don't agree with this at all, from what I understand of VR movement is the biggest issue, your mind struggles to process you moving without moving your legs and can rapidly lead to motion sickness, the best games are ones where you're still or seated Driving games would be a perfect fit, but piloting a space ship or plane would also do well in VR.

Horror is another genre that VR could excell if done thoughtfully and be a real game changer in that arena, FPS etc woul... #1.1
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Genuine Gamer sales certainly do matter, strong PS4 sales guarantees great software support while also giving Sony a strong hand negotiating game rights and exclusive deals.

COD going over to PS4 is a perfect example of this, #1.1.4
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I remember the original game for the Amiga and have fond memories of those days, been looking forward to this game if for nothing else nostalgic reasons, but it seems to be an enjoyable game in it's own right.

Shadow of the Beast, looking good. #1.1
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Censoreship is a challenge for everyone in China not just games. #2
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Irishguy, Sony did make a good business decision but they were basically given little choice, If Sony had bought it to gaming then yes I would have criticised Sony but it was MS so they are responsible.

As for the MS being evil I will let others decide but without them online would still be free. #1.1.20
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Irishguy Believe me I am not happy paying for online and I blame MS for bringing that model to console gaming and the only reason I am willing to pay for online is because of the value of PS+ and the free games on offer.

Believe me without that there is no way I would be paying just for online with so much hidden behind a paywall like MS did with the 360, so my principles remain intact, though that is not to say I think it's right but like I said you can blame MS for bri... #1.1.15
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Pope is typical of xbox owners, believing that MS is willing to throw whatever money it takes to secure software deals in their favour,

MS have to work to budgets and with the PS4 so dominant in sales any deals MS try to make become increasingly more expensive to secure, while strong PS4 sales make it much easier for Sony to tie up deals.

Call Of Duty is a perfect example of this. #1.1.9
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And that simple fact gives Sony and the Playstation platform far more influence this gen, Developers will want to be using the PS4 as their lead platform and gives Sony a strong hand when when it comes to negotiating exclusive content etc.

Sales do matter no matter how some try to downplay it. #1.1.1
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I think it is fair to say VR has come a long way in 17 years, we are at the cusp of a revolutionary gaming experience, VR can't come soon enough for me. #2.1.2
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UUMm No #1.1.1
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If it has the same production values as the first (with Naughty dog on the case I wouldn't expect anything less) coupled with the extra power of the PS4, the game will be a sure fire hit.

Bring it on #1.1.2
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They were demoing the game without using Morpheus, Morpheus is supported not needed. #1.2.4
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