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They disagree because this superb game isn't on their console and it burns, disagreeing helps them feel better

Sad really #2.1.1
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Star lancer how am I rewriting history? I was there I saw it I lived through it.

Ironically it is you trying to rewrite history

You and pog are cut from the same tree it appears and ignore facts you dont like to hear #1.1.12
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I come from an era where the Amiga and Atari ST battled it out, the Amiga quite often recieved games first and then atari and vica versa, they were not paid to do it.

Paying for exclusively certainly isn't irrelevant especially in the context of PAID exclusivety, I'm sorry but this was never a problem till MS got involved in gaming. #1.1.6
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Well said dboyc310, gaming was very different before MS got involved, Luckily this gen is very different to last gen, MS has non of the advatages it had so timed exclusivety won't help them and they neither have the studios or the quality to compete with Sony.

When it comes to games Sony has always delivered.

Star Lancer please provide links for your claim, I can find no information about exclusivety on any of those game you mention, maybe they came out... #1.1.3
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I can see Quantic Dream being very interested in this Tech, David Cage loves putting you in the game, I wouldn't be at all surprised if his new game used VR. #10
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LOL 40 seconds, I remember having to wait ages for a game to load from tape, you youngsters don't know how lucky you are.

LOL, those were the days Sniper #1.1.7
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I am actually playing through this game again at the moment, It really does what it does very well, very well indeed, the story draws you in so by the end the fate of Joel and Ellie matter,

The hunt for supplies feels less like a chore and more a battle for survival and the character developemant is top notch, Is this game a masterpiece? absolutely #1.1.3
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The fastest selling Playstation in history needs a PR boost, what the hell are you smoking? #1.1.3
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WOW mushroomwig, thank you for breaking down the points from the article, the article seems to be looking for issues and in all honesty if that is the best he can come up with his argument looks pretty weak.

VR is about far more than gaming and a lot of money is being invested from several companies into bringing it to the mass market, VR is coming and is here to stay I'm sure, whether that is in any of it's current forms time will tell, but it will continue to evolve... #2.1
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I cant see that myself Kaiser, I would easily pay 299 at least as long as the experience is top notch, I would hate to see Sony going cheap and sarificing quality. which I don't think they will. #2.2
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Foxtrot, you as well as many other naysayers really dont seem to get what VR actually is, a comment I often hear from people trying it for the first time is, that until you have tried it you really dont realise the difference VR makes.

VR will only grow its potential goes far beyond gaming, whether thats in the form of Morpheus time will tell, but the people comparing VR to motion controls really are missing the point.

Ironically, the Move system seems custo... #1.1.4
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Sony are hardware people if anyone can get the most out of VR on console these are the guys to do it, I must admit I wasnt sure the PS4 could pull off VR properly, but it appears Sony wants to create a top notch VR experience and have addressed most of the issues with this new prototype.

I know one thing for sure, when its launched Sony has a definete customer in me, I cant wait. #1.1.1
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Cant wait to try this, a unique experience awaits. #1.1.5
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mixelon you could be right, but Im sure I read somewhere that Sony is debating how much Morpheus should do, it all comes down to balancing cost and performance.

Time will tell. #6.2.1
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Like I said chessx you come across as more than a little naive,the tech is powerful enough now for VR to take its first steps into our homes, Sony are not the only ones doing VR as you point out Occulus too will be making their entrance, do you really imagine there will be no crossover of games etc from Oculus.

Support will be there from more than just Sony because anyone programming VR will initially be targetting a very small audience, If VR takes off Morpheus has every cha... #1.1.4
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mhunterjr, not saying your wrong, but there is no reason The Morpheus couldnt help the PS4 with Processing, the Morpheus plugs into a box and you have to wonder what tech is in there.

Time will tell but I wouldnt be surprised if Morpheus does indeed add some processing power. #6.1.1
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chessx, VR is the future, it will happen and it is only a question of when and what form it takes, To say you guarantee Morpheus failure shows a surprisingly narrow and naive perspective of what VR offers, especially when you put it in the same bracket as Move etc.

Ironically Move could be a very good fit with VR so maybe not the failure you imagine, anyway I for one am looking forward to seeing what Morpheus has to offer,

If it comes up with the goods I will... #1.1.2
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Its good to see reviews starting to give this game the credit it deserves, there is a lot of quality in this game and Im happy to see it being recognised. #1.1.1
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The Order deserves to do well, the game has such high quality production values, It would be a shame for this game not to get a sequel. #1.1.7
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Angel how can you get disagrees for that, you were talking about a film,

maybe it was your singing lol, if its any consolation I will give you an agree as I have some fond memories of that film too. #4.1.1
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