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Gangsta the VIVE and Oculus are both tethered devices, so is the PSVR for that matter, wireless is too slow at this point in time.

Gangsta, trust me if you are using the Vive,Oculus or PSVR they are all tethered to either a PC or console, the controller is wireless, but cetainly not the Head mounted display, unless you are talking about standalone devices like Gear VR, but they have nowhere near the same specs.

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WOW, impressive numbers and so far they have underestimated sales, it looks like there is no stopping this train, VR also onboard too, it's exciting times ahead for PS4 owners

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Come on give sponge a break, he is still upset QB didn't match up to U4 quality, the poor guy needs therapy, have some sympathy, I feel sorry for the him.

Just been reading through his comments history, talk about deluded, lol

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TangentialShark, who tries to downplay every PS4 game, the simple fact is U4 is on another level to QB, get over it.

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Sounds great, much more throaty gutteral sound, GT sport coming along nicely and VR integration too, looking forward to an amazingly immersive experience.

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I doubt we will be playing Forza in VR, So for me the headline is correct. another rookie error.

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GT+VR is very exciting, but an understandable rookie error.

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But the biggest issue, ultimately, is that it isn't as big a step up from GT6 as you'd expect from the series' leap onto PS4.

I think VR is a huge step up for the series, drving/racing is tailor made for VR, if they can pull it off at a solid 60fps or more, then the series will have arguably taken the biggest leap forward since the franchise started.

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Nobody questions the horsepower of the PS4, it's a known fact that the PS4 is the most powerful console this gen, this is still an early build and my guess is that enjoying this in VR means some compromise, but I'm getting PSVR and I'm getting this, and because of VR racing is about to enter a whole new level.

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This could be said about any studio, Naughty Dog creations are a labour of love, with no stone unturned in making their products the best they can be, whether you can apprieciatte their games or not there is no denying they are one the most talented studios out there, As you say their games are loved by many and are a major reason to own a Playstation.

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Which makes the original score even more pathetic, who can measure a 0.2 difference? they should have called it a 9 to begin with, instead of being pedantic.

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TLOU came out on the PS3 and set a benchmark not just last gen but stands up even this gen, it's been a while coming but Uncharted 4 is now the new benchmark.

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Playstation is a known quantity and is easier to get the most from what is on offer, as a VR experience there is a lot to recommend the PSVR and with Sony's software contacts, i'm sure there will be plenty of great experiences to be had.

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It's HTC Vive and certainly offers a lot, but then it costs a lot, The PSVR is the cheapest option and as far as value for money it stands out while offering a great experience too, I have waited long enough for VR to become a reality, i'm not waiting any longer.

Vive is too expensive, PSVR is at a price that allows me to jump straight in, I just need to find one.

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PSVR has a lot going for it and certainly has advantages over other devices, having said that the other devices have advantages over PSVR, but I'm sure Sony will offer a worthwhile VR experience and I will be keen to find out for myself.

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Darklink your argument becomes more bizarre the more you try and defend it, VR is inevitable and will impact everyones lives eventually.

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MY first thought is if you are not bothered now you will be, VR is inevitable as is it's continued development, VR isnt perfect but this is very much first gen stuff and it will grow into so much more.

I'm sure all sorts of studies have and will be made into it's physical and psychological impacts, the same happens for any device (TV, phones etc have all come under the same scrutiny)

PSVR funnily enough can be sociable, Sony taking the time to...

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I have been playing around with Gear VR (couldn't wait till October) I get terrible motion sickness, but have had no problems with gear VR (aside from a space one) for that reason I doubt you have played it several times.

Every major Tech company is now heavily invested in VR with billions being poured into it's development and I will be buying the PSVR, Anyone who thinks VR is a gimmick has no idea of it's quality and potential, VR will impact everyone eventual...

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What I find most amusing is Sony doing it and it's all doom and gloom, MS bring out a new xbox it's the best thing since sliced bread, Until I hear something official from either camp, I will reserve judgement.

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Naughty dog create some amazing experiences, every time I look at TLOU and think that was created last gen, you cant help but be excited for Uncharted 4, it's going to be an incredible ride.

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