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Can the PSVR compete with the oculus and Vive, according to this absolutely, no major screen door issue, some great games coming out for it and with Sony's experience in both the tech and gaming market there should be no doubt that PSVR will be a quality experience.

Can't wait.

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For me it's Until Dawn, something for everyone I guess.

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I knew this would be comparing VR to things like motion controls, Kinect and other products that come and go, but it still amazes me how some don't see the juggernaut VR has become, every tech company is now investing huge amounts into VR and they are doing it for a reason, VR is happening and will grow into a massive industry in it's own right, what we are seeing now is just the tip of the iceburg.

VR is not a mistake, it will be around for a long time, the only d...

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VR will go from strength to strength, and while I agree it will probably be 3 to 5 years for it to become mainstream VR's success is inevitable, every major tech company is now heavily involved in VR's development, LG, Samsung, Apple, Facebook, Amazon the list goes on and on.

VR is here to stay, anyone who thinks otherwise really isn't seeing VR's potential and how huge the market will become.

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Until Dawn, is a quality experience, no doubt about that.

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sammarshall102, you really need to look at whats happening in VR, there is a whole new industry building up from it and it includes a lot more than gaming.

Analyst's are predicting the VR industry to be worth up to $100 billion in as little as five to ten years time, multiple headsets are being worked on, Apple are rumoured to be jumping in.

VR offers so much more than motion controls, VR is happening and is here to stay, if you don't realise it yet,...

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I find it laughable how ignorant people are about VR, literally billions is being poured into VR and it's development, there are at least seven headsets being worked on, with more to follow (Apple are another supposedly preparing to enter the VR arena ) and it goes far beyond gaming.

The question you need to ask, is the VR experience worth it? and judging from the money being poured into it and peoples reaction, it most certainly is.

People are happy to s...

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I don't think you need to hope, VR is happening and will only get better, there is huge amounts of money being poured into VR, with at least 7 headsets being worked on by various companies and although there is no confirmation Apple are another one ready to join the list, if rumours are true.

This is just the start for VR, the future for it looks really exciting.

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In many ways Sony's hardware experience has made PSVR better in many ways, comfort the most obvious.

As a system for consoles it is indeed a polished device and is a worthy VR option for those interested, I'll be buying one for sure.

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I'm in for sure, I haven't pre ordered, but as soon as I can find one I'm in.

My money is ready.

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Which is another bonus, VR has a huge untapped market, once VR enters the market, peoples awareness will quickly change.

VR is real, can't wait to jump in.

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Actually the hardware is surprisingly capable considering the price of more expensive systems, Hardware wise Sony have huge experience and in many ways the PSVR has proved itself better (comfort being one)

Software, Sony again have plenty of experience, both with having top first party studios and great links to the developement community built over years with the Playstation brand.

Im excited by VR's and it's potential and can't wait to dive in.

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VR is happening and it isn't going away, the tech is finally there to fulfil VR's potential, I will be buying the PSVR as soon as I can get my hands on one (no pre order) and I know two people who are doing exactly the same.

VR is so much more than hype, it is a media all it's own and will stand on it's iwn feet, the future for VR is huge.

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PSVR is the price of a console, people are more than happy to pay that for a console as 40 million PS4 sales would testify, If what VR offers is worth it, then it will sell.

Going by peoples reaction VR has a big future and I'm excited to jump in.

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It's hard to believe that some people don't understand VR's potential, VR is no fad, no simple add on, it's a media all it's own.

VR will be around for a long time, can't wait to get my hands on it.

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Surely the real reason is Kinect.

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VR is not being invested in lightly, it's potential is obvious and will grow to become a very lucrative market.

VR is going to be huge.

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The thing that sets it apart from so called gimmicks is it can become a platform in it's own right, VR"s potential is huge and will impact far more than gaming.

These are the first steps for VR, ten years from now we will have a far better understanding of what VR is and how best to utilise it, VR will grow into far more than what we see today, and what we are seeing today is already grabbing peoples attention.

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Thats probably as close as you can get to understanding VR without actually trying it, mind you it's still a 2d screen trying to show a 3d world, the whale behind her would be a huge 3d beast to her for example..

VR has a huge impact, anyone thinking VR will be a passing fad, will soon learn otherwise.

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VR has the potential to be a product in it's own right, there is so much more to VR than gaming, going forward these will be explored and VR's future will take shape.

Do I see VR as a platform in it's own right, yes and will encompass far more media

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