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I would not recommend this game if it was free, As the article says it is a total ripoff, it took longer to download than play, and the task's were simple and meaningless, I felt like a two year old doing them. VR has been a great experience and it's a shame to see stuff like this bringing it down.

absolute rubbish.

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Sorry Moldy you couldn't be more wrong, as disapointing as this game is, every other experience has been well worth the money, The more I use VR, the more I see it's potential.

VR will be around for a long long time.

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This game is absolute trash, I can't begin to tell you how bad it is, just played it, took about 15 mins to finish, half of which was clips from the film, the rest meaningless tasks such as sorting 6 potatoes into small and big bins.

I feel robbed, seriously stear clear of this so called game.

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The PSVR experience is up there with the best of what VR has to offer and in some ways leads the way, comfort ease of use, software support are some easy wins for the PSVR, and offers the VR experience at an affordable price.

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Now that it's out there awareness will only snowball, people now have it in there homes and others will inevitably be introduced to the joys of VR through friends and family.

awareness and increased word of mouth will only help VR further it's penetration into the mainstream.

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I shouldn't laugh, but couldn't help myself.

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First it was years, months, weeks, then days and now finally hours, it's been a long time coming but PSVR is nearly here, and it looks like it's been worth the wait.

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jwillj2k4 : its called having a fulltime job / career. we dont have a chance to play during the day.

I didnt say you did.

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Taken from article: it’s a remarkable, high-quality and wildly exciting experience. Delivering on the promise its development showed, this genuinely feels like the future has come early.

Sony seem to have done a great job bringing VR to console gaming, Quite an achievement especially considering the price.

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luckily I have another advanced technology called curtains.

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I don't know why people feel the need to try to downplay PSVR, it's a great device at a great price, and an important step in taking VR to the mainstream.

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Taken from the article: it’s genuinely the most exciting piece of hardware to release in the gaming space in quite a number of years. It legitimately feels like a huge step forward in immersion and provides new experiences that really further the medium of gaming.

VR is quite literally a game changer, and the experience is only set to grow as the tech evolves.

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More Proof that VR is amazing

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Kokyu, VR is definitely a thing, whether PSVR can grab a peice of the VR pie time will tell, but it is beautifully positioned to do so.

End of the day, VR is here to stay.

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Yeah, you are right Errorist, his loss not ours.

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Step down in some respects step up in others, confort ease of use, social screen and software support, are all big plusses for the PSVR, and considering it is running on a console, it really does compare favourably with the more expensive offerings, at a much cheaper price.

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Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Is the Most Awarded Game in Recorded History by Critics

This would suggest you don't know what you are talking about Unspoken.

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To be fair Segata, not everyone will get it, but for those that do, it really will leave it's mark.

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The thing you seem to be missing Mike is, it is doing VR now.

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It really is one of the most impactful, memorable games anyone can play. Everything from the graphics, the voice acting, motion capture, and of course storyline, really set the standard for others to follow.

It has earned huge praise and is well deserved. dont waste this gift........Joel

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