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Moldy it doesn't need to be connected to your tv.

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game4funz, you're talking nonsense, every PSVR game runs on fine on the PS4, Sony has set minimum framerate, refresh rate for games being made for PSVR.

The great thing is that PS4 owners have a cheap (relatively) option into VR, and a whole new gaming experience to explore.

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I'm good thanks Gangtsa, I already have the Move controllers and camera, now just waiting for my PSVR Preorder.

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It is definitely an amazing tech, VR has so much potential, this is just the beginning.

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Or they could enjoy it, recognise it's potential and VR really takes off.

Either way like I said, VR has a big future.

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I wondered the same thing ElementX, so charged them up and gave them a whirl, work just fine.

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Or friends will show friends and it becomes the must have for christmas.

Whatever happens one things for sure, VR is here to stay.

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Moldy I too have Move controllers and never had any problem with them, I also own the camera, so PSVR is a bargain for me.
Is PSVR perfect? no but neither are any of the other systems, VR is a new tech and development will continue, but as it stands PSVR stands up very well to the competition, A pretty impressive achievement for the price.

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I find the VR naysayers amusing, they presume the VR of today is the VR of tomorrow, are there issues? of course, but just like any new technology, those issues will be better understood and solutions found.

Every tech major company (and I mean every) is now heavily invested in VR, they see it's massive potential and are eager to grab a piece of the VR pie, anylysts are predicting VR to become a $100 billion industry in just a few years, an industry which will encompass...

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isarai, it happening elswhere doesn't make it better or less sad.

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Kinda sad reflection of America, shootings are just the norm and nobody bats an eyelid, crazy.

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Yes I see what you're are saying, I got the wrong end of the stick, accept my apologies.

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Errorist there is far more to display technology than just resolution, Sony have been working with the tech for decades, the display in the PSVR compares very well with the competition, I suggest you look a little more into the displays the different devices are using before making such sweeping statements.

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Nothing will kill off VR, it is happening and will only grow, there are issues to be sorted, but there is no getting this genie back into the bottle.

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I haven't tried it either, but I have the money waiting as soon as I can get my hands on one.

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Errorist I follow VR closely, i'm aware of whats happening in VR and the technical issues yet to be solved, there are many issues with movement, especially in certain types of game, if certain rules are followed then symptoms can be alleviatted, but the basic problem still remains.

The military have been experimenting with head mounted displays for years and have yet to solve the issues with motion, maybe someone has the solution but not yet.

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I know more than you think, while FPS and refresh rates are major and probably the most important factor in motion sickness, there are many other factors too, the fact you dont realise motion and how it's handled is also important seems to show you are not as clued up as some.

Still it's a learning curve and solutions to all these problems will be worked on and hopefully sorted out, but just because one person feels fine using a control stick doesn't mean it wil...

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There are problems with using a controller to move, the teleport method is used to allievate motion sickness, the navi controller could have uses, but movement is not as simple as you imagine.

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I would be more surprised if they wern't working on VR, it has so much potential, if you are a tech company you would be stupid to ignore it.

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Hugs I suffer motion sickness, but it won't stop me buying PSVR, sure there will be certain games that I will probably stay clear of but plenty of experiences will be fine and it goes beyond gaming, so count me in.

Kydrice, I have a Gear VR, a simple VR headset that uses a phone for it's display, the screen door is obvious and off putting, from what I understand PSVR is leaps and bounds better in that department, although it's only a matter of time before any is...

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