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Those aren't destructible swimsuits they are exploding swimsuits.

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Yeah, have mine pre ordered, not long now.

Looks like the guy was pleasantly surprised by what the PSVR offers, DriveClub is sounding very impressive.

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Solderman, you are talking nonsense.

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Solderman, you edited your comment and replaced it with two meaningless links, you are basing your opinion it appears on sales of the Vive and Oculus.

If you did the research you would realise VR goes far beyond those two devices, VR has a road to travel but is here to stay.

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What a strange thing to say, more and more companies are investing in VR, with literally billions being poured into it's development.

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toddnepeon, A little research is all you need to do to realise VR is no gimmick.

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As New Monday has said this is just the start of VR, PSVR will help introduce VR to the masses as has, cardboard, Gear VR, Oculus and the Vive, but i'm not under the illusion these are as good a VR gets.

There is a huge amount of research being done and a lot to learn, 4k displays are inevitable (there are already some working prototypes) as will field of view, processing power etc.

PSVR is the first step, but there is so much more to come, and if yo...

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Crimzon you do know that The Order and NMS were not created by Sony first party studios right?

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You have to hand it to Sony, they know how to deliver quality games and this one looks like another home run.

Just one more reason to game on the Playstation.

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Im really looking forward to this game, after the KARA demo, people were calling out for it to be made into something more, and I was one of them.

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There is a single player mode in Star Trek, where AI takes over the other positions, Battlezone is not really a remake more a reimagination of the game, by all accounts it's a lot of fun, Driveclub with a steering wheel will be VR heaven and will probably be the best VR driving experience out there, Journey for me will be exactly that and a great showcase for VR.

Dreams, Niche but Media Molecule do some amazing stuff.

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I think what the list shows is how much quality content there is for the PSVR, non of those in the list would be make my top five, The Journey, Driveclub, Star Trek bridge crew, Battlezone, and Dreams would be mine. ( not necessarily in that order)

But looks like there will be plenty of variety in VR too.

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Gears and Halo are old hat, and they aren't even exclusive to xbox anymore, Even Forza is milked every year, pretty poor reason to buy an xbox.

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The Pro definitely offers more bang for the buck, and with Sony's great first party support and VR to look forward to, At the price it's a bargain, put simply the pro is the way to go

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Block me all you want, all it proves is how weak and irrelevant your argument is, see ya.

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S-Word, anyone who compares VR with 3D tv and motion controls lose any credibility, all you prove is how little you understand VR.

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Yes this will look amazing in VR, definitely on my list, along with Star Trek Bridge crew, DriveClub, BattleZone, I have a growing list of games to enjoy with my PSVR, not long now.

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Taken from the article : I've played a fair few driving games on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive at home, but my experience with Driveclub VR at Tokyo Game Show has been the best yet.

That is saying a lot about the quality of not only Driveclub but PSVR as well, Sony have done a great job bringing VR to the masses.

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Undertaker the PSVR isnt limited to anything, the tech might be ( at the moment), but can and will evolve into all sorts of areas if that is what Sony deem they want to do with it.

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VR will last because it has far more potential than just gaming, VR is here to stay, whether that will include PSVR time will tell.

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