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While this article expresses its doubts (poorly I might add) the huge tech companies have no such reservations and are falling over themselves to take a piece of the VR pie.

VR is here to stay, a liitle research is all you need to do to see why.

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Darx if what you are saying were true, you have to wonder why everyone is investing so much money and resources into it, it's early days, but VR is here to stay.

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I always have to laugh when someone dismisses VR, literally every major tech company is now involved in VR with billions being poured into it's development, VR goes far beyong gaming as well and will become a media in it's own right.

The people dismissing VR now, really need to look at whats happening before righting it off.

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There are many reasons for motion sickness in VR, one of them is movement, moving around with a joypad is certainly not the best way to move around in VR, so people getting motion sick in this game is not surprising, this is early days for VR and Neo will definetely benifit the experience, but is not going to solve the problem with this game, basically moving with a controller.

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Rimfro : PSVR is literally a step down in quality in EVERY single way

This comment shows how little you know about the PSVR Tech, in many ways it is superior even at lower res, Sony understands tech it's what they do, every system has it's limitations, but dont think PSVR doesn't compare very well with the other high end devices.

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Death you have obviously not been following whats been going on with VR, when I say every major tech company I mean every major tech company, you name a big name tech company they are involved in VR in some way.

VR and AR go hand in hand, both have big futures, non are exclusive to the other.

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Yeah so gimmicky literally every tech company is now heavily invested in it's future, so gimmicky that Billions are being poured into it's development, so gimmicky that not only gaming but film, sport, medicine, education etc are all looking to take advantage of this new media.

When are you people going to wake up, VR is here to stay, this is not another kinect.

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Foehammer you start by complaining that Sony show stuff years away.

Genuine puts up a list showing MS doing just that

You then try and defend it by saying he added cancelled games, which is not a defence, in fact it makes MS showing them in the first place even worse

The list Rookie puts up shows, 3 Forza's, 3 Halo's, 2 gears and scraping the barrel with 2 killer instinct season's. that is not a great list, add to that Sony...

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I find it ironic that people go on about competing with the PC on graphics when the PS4 has games like Uncharted etc that even the PC would be proud of, The PS4 can't do 4K (yet) but PC owners would be churlish to deny the PS4 has some great looking games.

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There will always be some sucker out there.

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I have the navigation controller and have followed PSVR very closely, nothing been mentioned about using it and I doubt it will be, luckily I have kept my Move controllers too and I have the camera, so just waiting for PSVR.

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Moldy don't talk rubbish, table tennis worked perfectly with the move and trust me the movements were frenetic.

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It's funny thinking back to all the old post's from Xone fanboys, there was all sorts of excuses as to why the Xone was behind and it would all change when MS secret sauce etc was unleashed, you don't hear from them anymore, maybe the penny has finally dropped.

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But doe's she know it's a robot? or does she understand them to be living?

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People like jessionpc show just how naive some people are, Sony have been leaders in display technology for years and have probably more experience than anyone in using that tech, the display Sony uses is far more suitable for VR than either the Vive or Occulus as TFJWM points out and compares very well considering it is actually operating at a lower resolution.

I would recommend a little research before you comment on something you know nothing about jessionpc

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You dont have to walk around with Vive, you can sit down with it too.

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Element VR will do more than last, the investment in the tech is huge with every tech company now heavily involved in it's future, remember VR goes far beyond gaming and will stand up (in time) as a media all it's own.

What we are seeing now is just the tip of the iceburg, there is so much more to come.

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It's easy to complain about the limitations (as they stand) of VR, but it's the possibilities that make VR a very exciting prospect. I am under no illusion that the VR as we are seeing it now is reaching anywhere near it's potential, but it has to start somewhere, literally every tech company is now onboard the VR train, investing billions into the tech.

These are early days for a whole new media which will encompass far more than gaming, VR is happening anyone...

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donthate stop talking about stuff you have no idea about, Sony have years of experience in display technology, their diplay is actually much better for VR and their lenses have advantages too.

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There is no way Oculus is running on the Xone, Scorpio could do it if they wanted to make it powerful enough, but the console wouldn't come cheap and then you factor in the cost of Oculus, things are starting to look pretty expensive.

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