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Can someone tell me what this means exactly? What is the best way to play San Andreas on my PS3?

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PS4 Troll FTW

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Whenever you hold down on the d-pad to chose, Trevor, Franklin or Michael, theres a 4th slot that is empty. CJ, here we come!

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Mortal Kombat 11

Gran Turismo 8

Tetris Ultimate II

Ninja Pizza Girl II

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GTA 7! lol, jk

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Not really a hardcore MK fan, played the originals, then I went MIA, because they changed it around TOO MUCH.. MK9 when it came out I was glad that they came back to their roots. I was totally blown away, it was nice to see how all the characters evolved, thats why I bought day 1.... Isn't that the point like games like this?

I hate to say it, but this is trash.... Not only did they lower the roster, they added these weirdoes.... :-(

If they could...

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san andreas

To this day, I still wonder how that much stuff was put onto a single disk.

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Does it smell like cheap Chinese plastic?

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Honesty, I think the next GTA will take place in the future. The last few GTAs are getting kinda repetitive in my opinion. I think the reason the are making GTA V remastared just so show what a modern day GTA would look like on a current gen console.

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I'd have to go with a sega, but that may because I didn't have an SNES.
Playstation 1
Playstation 2
Wii Was kickin ass until Playstation Trizzle took over and annihilated everything.
Playstation 4

Currently Nintendo equity is lower than its IPO. Do something Sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I still have a bunch of ps3 games to play. Lets not talk about the ps5.

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This is news?

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#Troollin VIP

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I wanted that too, but next time you play PS, imagine if it had touch sense. It would be 10x harder. Do you use a smart phone with out looking at the screen?

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Halo 5 for PS4?

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2 words:

Chad Warren

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How about they don't charge us for online? :-(

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I got a jumbo ninja turtles mug today.

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