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Sony =/= Industry

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Don't tell me, show me.

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1313 which was Uncharted in space.

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What a lackluster year, if it weren't for indie games which is 90% of that list it would be "PS has no gamez" all over again.

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Sure, and the failure of another, hint hint, Irrational Games, hint hint.

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Lol at butt-hurt Sony fanboys being in denial. The cover-to-cover-shooting and QTE-button-mashing type of gameplay is as generic and uninspired as they come. Pretty graphics will not safe this from mediocrity, this is Ryse all over again. But this is a Sony Haven so talking some sense into these blind conformists is pointless.

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My god can they make this franchise anymore boring than this..?

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Another're better than this ND.

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N4G has become a joke.

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No it's not a perfect game.

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The first time I found this I was waiting for the injured to beg for "Aqua".

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Three lines is a discussion now?

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Atrocious voice work both SKULL FACE and BIG BOSS. Biggest mistake in your career Kojima that you ditched Hayter for this shit.

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I know it's a hobby to hate on Xbox here and all by why the look at screenshots when the real thing is out there? The gameplay may look like a clusterfuck but the vids show how damn gorgeous the game is (screenshots photoshopped or otherwise).

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Even is this was a re-statement, how the fuck is this new when it was announced all the way back in Febraury? 380 degrees? N4G has become a joke I swear

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It's tradition now that ND make their first debut at the VGAs. That's when we'll know what they've been cooking.

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Nvidia is still butthurt ha? Is that why we have to see a PC port for RDR. Please stop talking out of your ass, 90% of PC gamers have pirated the game.

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Enjoyed the first part of the DLC. Looking forward to see how my save file impacts this bit here.

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Why couldn't you just focus on TPP. Please don't go after the Bethesda games.

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