CRank: 5Score: 0 would think that people would learn that the plural version of something does not use apostrophes. pre-K.

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Yes, 30% inactive pixels. Lol. Pretty much ANY game can hit 1080P doing that, when 30 percent of pixels only need to be rendered black. Lol.

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They said the final version will be better. Are you playing the final version as we speak? No? Ok then, stfu.

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Stop posting the same bullshit in every titanfall thread. Your jealousy and trolling is showing. You would think that if you hated microsoft and xbox so much, you wouldn't post in xbox articles, or AT LEAST used better proof than compressed youtube screenshots to troll.

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imt558 -

The fact that you're trying to prove anything by posting of a compressed youtube vid is both hilarious and sad at the same time. Just go the *** away, PLEASE. Go comment in the PS4 articles, since you hate MS and the Xbox so much.

Respawn said the retail version will look better than the Alpha. So please, enough trolling for now.

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Warhawk/Starhawk were online-only and PS4 fans talk about them fondly.

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Do you believe everything that MS haters on n4g tell you?

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Marking your words and also marking you for trolling. Done. As requested. You're welcome.

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So...using compressed youtube vids to judge the differences between the two? Brilliant!!!

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Titanfall is being hyped as a great game. The guy played it and said it was a great game. Seems the hype was justified...

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COD4 was near perfect due to its simplicity and non-colorful maps that looked very depressing and war-torn.

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lawgone - that's hilarious. Especially if when they attack enemies, all you see is a frenzied ball of fur and claws and you hear a screeching sound, like you see in cartoons!

The downside of the cats would be the butterflies that fly around some levels. They would ignore the enemies and just chase them!

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Those titles are native 720P. They are upscaled to 1080P on the PS3. PS4, however, runs them all natively at 1080.

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That can be said for most launch games. COD wouldn't be 720P on the X1, if the team wasn't rushed to make launch and wasn't spread too thin between 5 different versions and wasn't using incomplete xbox drivers.

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Just because a game is FAMILIAR to cod players, doesn't make it cod...

You guys are reading into things too much and looking for every excuse to discount this game.

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Right there with ya.

1527d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment why do you need a second controller on the Xbox One, but not on the PS4, and why do you need a play and charge kit? And why are you fine with paying $10 a month for PS plus, but not fine with spending $5 a month on XBL and have to buy a year subscription instead?

PS4 = 400 + tax = 440 + controller = $500 + PS+ = 560 + game = $620. That's what, $80 less than same configuration for X1? You're trying to make your point by buying everything you can with the xbox a...

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Ya, sony were all good guys when they were telling people to get a second job to afford a $600 ps3, or lying about the 120fps/1080P/hdmi thing, or removing features like Linux and Backwards Compatibility so they could sell remastered PS2 games or saying how rumble was last gen even though technical reasons were preventing them from using it, and then doing a 180 and bringing it back because they settled whatever lawsuit they had going on about it. Riiiiiiiiiiight.

You sony f...

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Do you remember the arrogance of Sony execs when the PS3 was launching and how people should get a second job to pay $600, and the lies about how it was going to do 120FPS 1080P through 2 hdmi ports at once? Yeah...

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An Xbox with tax and Forza would be $600..but I guess you're right, 700 is kind of close to 600...

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