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Firm but fair

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Lag issue is deff better, it's alot smoother but there is still hitches here and there. My save file was 7.6megs, I saved after about an hour and the size dropped to 6.6megs, when I switched off my last save was 6.4megs.

They have deff fixed something

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I'm 26hours into skyrim on the PS3 and have yet to encounter a single crash or major bug. My save file is 6545kb.

360 and pc are also reporting bugs a plenty so don't let one persons rant put you off the PS3 version

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Absolutely it's all in the marketing. Microsoft do a far better job at it IMO

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The guy doing this review needs to slow down and work on his pronunciation. Couldnt understand half of what he was saying in this 1 minute and 7 seconds!!!! video review.

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Looks hideous IMO

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Totally taken out of context.

You can see the kid blatently doesnt care one bit.

The father is probably just angry because his balls dont work.

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I think the majority are happy. Theres always going to be cry babies who just think that Sony know owes them a kidney

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Nice Sony... Very nice

Glad to have you back

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Iv been playing fallout and portal 2.

Was frustrated when it first went offline but now I'm just thinking it's back when it's back.

Ive got a lot of trophy syncing to do.

I already own a 360 slim and have not had it switched on once during the outage. Guess it means that multiplayer games are not that important to me

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Disappointed. Was really hoping for something more refreshing. I'm bored of Ezio now.

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Altair again.?? Was really hope they would give us a new protaganist and new time period. Bit disappointed if this is the case.

Oh well at least Skyrim will be awesome

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Oh well, looks like another week of Fallout New Vegas.

I miss syncing my trophies more than anything

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Cancelling & replacing my debit card tomorrow and changing my passwords where I have used that e-mail address.

Then I can sleep easy. If it troubles you then I suggest you do the same.

Really not happy that Sony has taken a week to tell us this.

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Its a shame that these developers dont make more of an effort when they are promoting their game on tv..

They look so scruffy, like they just rolled out of bed and stopped off at the pub on the way to the studio.

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This is my most anticipated game of next year.. Absolutly cannot wait for this.

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I doubt ITV or Sony will do anything about this.. You might as wel try and ban Microsoft adverts appearing on a Sony branded tv set

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Im not big on dating a girl gamer. Gaming is my thing, my escape, my relaxing pass time... Dont want to have to fight over PS3/360 time.

As long as they are cool with my hobby then thats fine we me :)

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