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You know what the differece between you and me is?
I don't try bringing down a person's bubbles based on something that small.

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Why exactly are people disagreeing with me here? Is it too off topic? Because I don't see Remember Me getting it's own article on it's sales, or enough attention in general for that matter.
Games like Remember Me may well go extinct next gen, as the market for mid-tier titles shrinks to nothing. If you think that's worth disagreeing with, then I hope you don't regret it when they're gone.

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How are the new triggers?

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Good to see Remember Me is still in the charts :)

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You know what I meant.

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Steam has some amazing sales, for e.g I recently saw 90% off Alan Wake, and stuff like that isn't all that rare either.

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It was designed to embarrass Microsoft.

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More disagrees than agrees? Apparently some people can't detect sarcasm without the /s tag :/

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Because FF never changes it's combat system.

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Indeed plaZeHD, it's throughly sickening that there are people out there whose opinion differs from your own. :/

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I guess if they can't stay relevant, they might as well try to bring down a medium they have precious little understanding of with them.

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He gave Journey just TWO!

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That sounds like half accuracy, half copout. Besides, we'll never get anywhere with anything if we take the attitude that it's impossible.

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So pretty much everything carries over? Cool.

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I wonder if, assuming trophies can be sold, you can then effectively re-unlock them? I can think of several games I'd love to plat all over again.

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Damage control, plain and simple.

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An equal-opportunist!

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What exactly makes a QTE "dynamic"? What would that even mean? There's not a lot of scope for quality for what basically comes down to "press x to not die".

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At points the city looks kinda like Mirror's Edge.

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Bring out a long-anticipated title, something like The Last Guardian, Versus or Agent. It won't take much for Sony to win E3 this time imo.

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