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blame game

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Despite what people think about the US there isn't a gun store on every corner. I feel if you are required to have a license to drive a car, you should require a license to own a firearm. Besides on the same day the shooting happened ,a guy stabbed 22 children in China. Maybe China should take care of it's "stupid knife laws"

GanjaMan! How can you feel "unsafe" in American cinema when you're not in America? Your comment is filled with so many i...

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Singstar 45
Ratchet and Clank 20
Last of Us is the only new ip Sony has, the rest is milked like everything else.

You were saying?

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I agree with Hicken

Imagine that?

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So... blue eyed Caucasian people who's religion happens to be Jewish, are a different race than blue eyed Caucasian people who aren't?

That sounds like a "master race" complex, something Hitler would say. That kind of thinking is why I'm an atheist.

There are white Jews, black Jews, Arab Jews, and even Asian Jews. It's a religion not a race.

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Since when did being Jewish (a religion) become a race?

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My name, your comment.

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This proves how PS fanboys lurk around Xbox/Nintendo related news.

How does it feel to defend trolling lodossrage? After all this has nothing to do with PSN. Not only is it trolling, it's off topic, and you're defending it. How did you get those 5 bubbles?

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How ironic for you say that guitarded77

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Stop paying see if you get to keep em. Free games from MS are rare, but at least we get to keep em.

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There is no doom and gloom in the article, just speculation about launches. Let me guess... you must be angry over the comment about the Vita struggling, which it is.

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I would bet on them both being about the same.

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"Ms should make more games never mind out else"


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"Nice try, though." You like that? I'll let you use it since you follow me around so much. As for this "Or anything Xbox, for that matter." Wrong! this is N4G.

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So many companies in gaming.

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Why hasn't this been removed for trolling?

If anyone said "I agree 100% only hardcore casuals will defend this flaming turd." in anything PS3/PS4 it would have been removed in minutes.

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To be fair lots of games miss the launch of a new console. Happens every gen.

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You could buy this for $1.99 and play it on 360 because it's BC.

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Don't they still run new shows on FOX?

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Isn't this a blog?

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