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Uncharted 1 never appreciated by the media? It got so much hype and rave reviews at the time. #8.2
I used to love Goldeneye on the N64. It was one of my favourite games ever. Then I read that someone completed in just under 20 minutes so now I hate it. #25
Is it possible to remote play from a ps3 too? #2
Has there been any indication when Munch's Odyssey will release on Vita? #17
I'm pretty sure this guy isn't familiar with Final Fantasy at all. #4
March 8th is a Saturday. Games aren't released on Saturdays. #4
Someone needs to learn the definition of 'plot-twist'. #1
Ah yeah, didn't read that part of the article. The "best 20 maps in Call of Duty history" and "of all time" bits on the n4g page are quite misleading though. #2.1.1
Nothing pre-Modern Warfare. I thought Eder Dam In Call of Duty 3 and Stalingrad in 2 were superb maps. #2
The issue with Microsoft is that they simply don't have the same high quality first-party developers that Sony has at its disposal. Only a handful of half-decent exclusives (we don't even know if games like TitanFall and Dead Rising 3 are exclusive yet) and a higher price point is hardly appealing when faced with Sony's cheaper, more powerful, and better supported console. I'm not against getting an Xbox One at some point down the line but I need to know that timed exclusivity... #15
Product placement on a different scale! #25
Famitsu gave Haze 34/40 so The Last Of Us must be just a little bit better than that... #3
Call of Duty 3
Second controller

I can remember just sat looking out the window for ages waiting for the postman to arrive. A splendid morning. #7
What's the truth? #14.1
The moment you realise you're heading to Shadow Moses and then stepping out on to the heliport. Incredible. #1
Jury's still out for me. I liked the setting and everything but yeah the constant QTEs were off-putting. I'll be interested to see how the command system works, or if there'll even be one and it's just script-based commands. Would be cool leading a legion through invasions of Britain, like here, and maybe Gaul. #25
The entire Metal Gear storyline is easily the best in videogame history and would stand strong in any other medium too. #1
I'm playing through GTA4 again right now and apart from the quite fiddly cover system it's still the amazing and groundbreaking game it was then first released. #1
Call of Duty 1 and 2 were superb WW2 FPSs. Instead of Brotherhood in Arms I would definitely go with any of the pre-modern Medal of Honor titles. The level in Frontline, Arnhem Nights, was particularly excellent, and the music was superb. #3
One major grievance I have had with FIFA 12 and 13 is their complete lack of regard toward any evolution of the manager and be a pro modes. Both iterations I went in hoping that we would have deeper managerial experiences molded in the same cast as Football Manager but it hasn't progressed at all.

One area I hoped they'd look at in be a pro was the AI. They're simply awful. You're basically just a one man team and can't count on your teammates to make good... #2
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