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"Or maybe even promised"...does that really happen? Surely Sony don't project how a game will sell and then "promise" the dev that amount of sales??

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Why would Pro owners be concerned anyway?

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Given that he'd have no access to good weapons or materia what kind of damage would he be dealing out of interest? Would it be 9999 per attack regardless?

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Sadly it's hard to find it anywhere in stock at the moment. I even sunk so low as to walk into Game yesterday but couldn't even strike a deal with the devil. May just buy it digital...

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What about Haze?

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Just got the platinum so looking forward to the free theme but tbh I'm not sure it's going to dislodge the shots I took in photo mode from my background theme. Such a beautiful game.

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I've been avoiding previews and whatnot as it's Mass Effect and I just assume I'll buy it day one and it'll be awesome but having had a look through the comments here can I assume no one (as in gaming journalists/expo attendees) has actually played a build of this game to know what the combat is like, etc? Is that odd being so close to release??

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Excellent, can't wait!

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Perhaps most important third-person shooter of its generation but Tomb Raider and Uncharted would have equal claims in the respective generations.

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Very cool news. 4-player split screen Timesplitters 2 is still probably the best post-Goldeneye multiplayer experience going. Would be cool if they had all the story missions.

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These were certainly my favourite games of 2016. Hadn't really enjoyed a FF game since 9 and though 15 plays very differently to traditional JRPGs it was still a great game. Was pumped for TLG since that beautiful trailer with the Carter Burwell music playing over it (whatever year that was) and can honestly say it met all expectations and rightly deserves its place as a successor to Ico and SOTC. Roll on Team ICO's next effort.

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I've not played the demo nor even watched a single video of the game but will definitely be buying day one. Simply hearing from gaming forums that the series has gone back to its roots has me pumped to get this one. Like many I've been playing RE since 1996 and, while I enjoyed 4 I wasn't enthralled by the transformation of the series. 5 was pretty bad so didn't even bother with 6 but am very much looking forward to turning the lights out and playing this deep into the night. ...

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Uncharted 1 never appreciated by the media? It got so much hype and rave reviews at the time.

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I used to love Goldeneye on the N64. It was one of my favourite games ever. Then I read that someone completed in just under 20 minutes so now I hate it.

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Is it possible to remote play from a ps3 too?

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Has there been any indication when Munch's Odyssey will release on Vita?

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I'm pretty sure this guy isn't familiar with Final Fantasy at all.

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March 8th is a Saturday. Games aren't released on Saturdays.

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Someone needs to learn the definition of 'plot-twist'.

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Ah yeah, didn't read that part of the article. The "best 20 maps in Call of Duty history" and "of all time" bits on the n4g page are quite misleading though.

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