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The AI only gets better (more challenging) if you set the difficulty to hard or hardest.

A Games such this the order of 1886 is probably the same as Infamous, Uncharted, TLoU or Killzone franchises, it only gets real fun if you pay then on hard.
If you are Playing these games on easy or normal difficulty and only once then you probably wasting your $60.

For me, those games I mentioned above only became real fun when I played then on the hardest diffi... #63
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I still can't access the psn from my ps4 but it is working reasonable well from ps3 vita and smartphone.
Sending messages or trying to join parties can still fail 1/3 of the time . #33
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PSN was up for a bit today but the status is back to offline.
Dam, gonna lose my chance to buy and make upgrades With Xur... #42
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Hopefully the problem I was having will be fixed soon too.
I could not update games such Destiny or dl PSN + games.
At 100% dl complete for patches it could not conclude it and install and then kept going for a few more attempts from 50% dl.

Every thing else were working fine such as watching netflix or chatting with PSN friends.

Did anyone one else noticed this problem too? #41
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Destiny is a very boring game. What a disappointment bc I had faith it would rock on and so I bough the 89 dolars edition.

If Dragon age 3 inquisition(the next game I m buying)ends to be a bad game too then I will keep myself away from third-party games for a year. #6
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According to the description of Assassin s Screed Unity at the PSN it is a 720p game on the ps4.

I wonder if they are keeping it 720p only on the ps4 so the xbox one version can caugh up....I will try to not buy this game if it ends beeing indeed a 720p game.

THAT is unacceptable. #22
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This is very good for the Xbox users for sure. And the Xbox live have the potential to become even greater then the PSN+.

But for Microsoft I believe this is real bad because they will make less profit in sort time.
When M$ entered the world of video games consoles they thought they would easily make a money farm.
But now they are seeing this kind market is not as profitable as they thought. Not in a short time that's certainly . #46
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Probably at least 75% of wiiu owners will buy MK8.It will be an amazing game and one of the best racing game this generation will see.
But at least to me it is still no reason to buy a Wiiu. Maybe, unless you consider Zelda franchise the best rpg ever and you are a super fan of Smash bros.
Since that is not my case, I will wait and look forward that the next BigN console will be worth buying. #14
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Even if games on Xbone starts to heavily use cloud computing we will have two versions of the same games.
Unless the games they launch using it will all be online only such Titanfall.

A good way to really notice the "power of the cloud" would be to play 1P games such a Fallout 4.
Offline it would have x graphics and if used the cloud computing we would see much better graphics.
This way MS could also promote Xbox gold subscription. #20
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Last gen the best two racing games I played where Mario Kart wii and GT5.
THis gen that started with WiiU this MK8 will be one of the best racing games .I have no doubt of that. #8
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Come on Sony, I want to play Valkyria Chronicles 2 on my Vita!
That was the most addicting rpg from the PSP! #47
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I think it is not just me that plays single player mode and if it is cool I go and test MP.
If the SP is not good I normaly dont bother with MP only games unless is a MMoRPG or Diablo3.

I belive that many potential costumers for this Titanfall game ended not buying it when they figured out the game had not even a 4 hours campaign like CoD.
Even CoD games offer a basic fun 4 hours campain that we want to play it on the hardest difficulty setings too. #40
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I still did not see what is so special about this game to be getting overhyped so dam much.

GTa4 was my 1st GTA game and it was one of the best 3rd party games I played on consoles last gen but for some reason I disliked quite a bit the boring(for me at least) GTAV.
I really , really doubt this WD game will be some kind sacred master piece.

Anyways lets see the reputable reviewers wil tell us about WD. #7
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Directx 12 will only arrive in the middle of 2015.
If it can do magic or not we will have to compare 3rd party games in 2015 with PS4 VS Xboxone.
Until then the PS4 will continue to be the most powerful console.

About the "power of the Cloud" it will only affect first party games probably.
Third party games will continue to be better on the PS4>Xbox1>WiiU

When time comes we will see how beautiful a new Halo 5 and other... #113
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This Mario 3D World it seems good but it has a time limit to complete levels.
I would like it I am sure since I liked Mario 3D land on my 3DS.

But I was expecting a Mario game on the Wiiu to me more more like Mario 64 or Mario Galaxy where I could explore the worlds without worrying about time limit to complete levels.

Also another main reason why Wiiu fails to me and I see less reasons to buy one is the fact I can t go all digital with it and the HU... #17
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I am sure MK8 will be a super fun game and who has a Wiiu Should buy it.

But for me this is the only game atm that interests me in this Wiiu console and it is not the best that Nintendo could have done.

I like RPGs and Metroid Prime kind games and still nothing of that will be coming any time soon.
By the time Nintendo finnaly launches a new Metroid or Zelda(a real one ,next gen with voice acting this time around, please) we will have Fallout 4, Elder... #16
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If he is as smart as he thinks he is then he will pickup the PS4 since it is the rarest of all three next gen consoles atm.
The Xbox one he can then buy it at any time he wants since those are avaiable every where.

BTw I like most episodes but some times there are way too much unecessary bullying for my taste. #39
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I only played a bit more then one hour on Infamous second son and so far rhe game is boring as hell.
The 1st hour of Infamous 1&2 were awesome since the beginning. Also that Festival of blood I consider it one of the best psn exclusive games ever released.

Anyways I'm sure I will enjoy, or will try too since I payed $60 for it.
Infamous '3'is a very beautiful game but it did not hypnotised me yet. #11
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First if you got a PS4 or even an Xboxone you got to have a fast ISP .
If you are limited to 1-5G download size per month only then you better consider to change for a better ISP service.

Digital downloads are skyrocking on the PS4 and it is destroying the Xboxone in downloads done. Maybe it is because we can change the HDD on the PS4 for one much larger.

Anyways , if ppl are making a lot downloads on the PS4 I bet they don't use a 3G ISP and they... #31
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I guess that was totaly possible that have happened.
Sony probably saved 100-300k consoles to put then on salle in UK and USA at the same day TF launched.

Microsoft will probably do the same thing when the new Infamous game arrives.
But if that will do any good to then .... #17
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