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Agreed. House marathon is on. Everything's awesome.

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Agree with MrBeatdown. It's a good idea to give players the choice of tackling achievements online or on your own.

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Huh? You see ads on the site? Let me know where so I can remove them. And ask them for my moniez.

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Good suggestions. Pretty much every Schafer game as well.

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Loved that game. Just wrote about it in one of the related articles below, actually. Funny how so many people think they are talking about Unreal Tournament though.

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Thanks and I NEVER turn down a few drinks. Appreciate the comment.

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Second list is coming ;)

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If you like old school Zelda, you really should. They have it on Steam.

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But does sex exist?

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Shadow Warrior was freaking awesome. If it were a game series, it would have been on the list. Too bad people started whining about Lo Wang being a racist character, killing any chance of a sequel. I felt like he was an asian Black Dynamite.

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Ah see, wrong Unreal. What you are probably referring to is Unreal Tournament 3, because there were only two Unreal games. Unreal Tournament is one of the spinoff series of Unreal, the single-player game.

Some good suggestions there though. Though this is about franchises, as in series. Some of the ones you mentioned are standalone games. But Medievil... totally forgot all about it.

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"what about Call of Duty?
what about Resident Evil?
what about Dynasty Warrior?
what about the Lego based games?
what about the DBZ and Naruto games? I mean…."

All good suggestions. I'm just not a big fan of them so I had no good personal reasons to include them.

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All good points.

I detailed a problem for each of the entries. Some franchises continue to produce great games but they could still benefit from going away for awhile for different reasons.

It would be nice to see something a bit fresh from FF, for example, which would require some time off for re-assessment. In the case of MGS, it would simply be great because it would enable Kojima to concentrate on other things, especially since there is no NEED for anoth...

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I know what you mean. Though, I feel that Mario is unique in that he fits in pretty much every type of game, and Nintendo makes good use of the fact with different quality entries like Galaxy and Bros and Party. He is less of a franchise and more of a mascot that they stick in their internal titles, in my humble opinion.

When it comes to Halo, I was very tempted to include it, and I would have before Halo 4 was promised to take things in a drastic n...

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Thanks for reading everyone and thanks to Boysangur for submitting and thanks to the brass for approving.

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Shaken, not stirred.

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Really?!?! Its better in real life?!? No fuqing way! Please, tell us more of your adult experiences so that we know whats what!

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Top thing killing your site: 1) one paragraph a page.

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Yes. My brother's friend's sister's uncle said he knew a guy from Bungie who saw Bill Gate coming in secretly wearing a trench coat and shades and carrying a briefcase with a million dollars which he gave to Mr Bungie for not allowing sony have his game. Then they were like laughing all evil-like.

True story.

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