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I have always been playing FIFA games until I tried out PES on the PS2. I have to say PES is much better in graphics and gameplay. Dont get me wrong FIFA is fun but sometimes I feel like I'm playing an Arcade game. PES feels more realistic and feels like a real Football/Soccer game. PES might not have all the rights for teams and players but PES always lets the player edit Team and player names, logos, etc. I havent played PES much of the last PES but i cant wait for this new one in the n...

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Good game have fun with it but for the community always thinks everyone is a noob.

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FF XIV full game for free?? is that true? i know for monthly payments

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i did not watch the clip.

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thanks for the spoiler i was waiting to watch this episode...

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have you played the game?

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i played Titanfall recently im i wasnt really impress :T i dont get all the hype for it

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I agree what you said. Price might be high but its worth playing. plus I could play this game over and over just like i did on the MGS demo for PS1 lol

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what i like about this VR headset is its a choice to buy or not. they not forcing us to buy it. Not like MS they been forcing us to buy their kinect when sony is letting people buy what they want. if you dont like it dont buy it :)

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where in the world you get 600k preorders??

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i have a xbox1 code when i apply for PC :L anyone want to trade?

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in other words since its in M$ hands now "milk it"

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why questions them when we should question the people who are charging $40+ for angry Bird on PS4 when games are like $1 on the app store

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ACIV was good i love it. The Division is really amazing and same with watch dogs. Ubi love to take risk and show impressive games. i Cant wait what else they have in stored for us.

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i believe its been always online. i remember playing GM mode and was in the middle of a game and i lost connection to my internet and the game quit and said lost connection.

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Im thankful for my family for being there for me when i really needed them.

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my ps4 just shipped from Amazon :,) cant wait for this new era

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my friend buys from AMzon uk and they ship it to us

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better unboxing than microsoft. no need to have a guy talking while unboxing

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do they know they could report them emblems?? if people find it offensive then report it

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