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Late to the party much?...

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Shooters are dead to me, until I learned about Borderlands 2. I really feel this will bring back the fun in shooters for me finally.
I'm sick of grey/black military standard issue weapons like CoD. This game will rule. Weapons will be sexy and ALOT of them.

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@ape007 It can look like as if it was made by the gods visually for all we care. But if it ain't fun. It sucks. It's crap. Useless. And a waste of time. Nobody likes a boring game. Simple. All that visual effort gone to waste. What a pity.
But GTA4 was indeed in the right direction in terms of realism. If GTA5 would combine the realism of GTA4 with actual fun of a videogame like San Andreas. Now, that is quality.

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First movie was surprisingly excellent. Best movie based on a videogame so far. Very few can actually master that.

I like Pyramid Head but please replace him with the Voltiel instead in this film. If not both then you have a good reason for bringing him back. He should remain unique to the first film.

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Cortana from Halo 2 is easily the most beautiful. 10/10 :3

Hated H3's version. Wtf bungie...glad 343 made Halo 4. I won't forgive you for screwing up H3, Cortana, and The Prophet of Truth's real voice.

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Pushagree is correct. Best game of 2011. Funny thing is, all those dislikes are nothing but ps3 gamers. Funny but true.

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NO. SH3 is doom 3 on steriods. completely disturbing and HELLISH. If u want story, SH2 all the way!

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IF it's what I think it is. It might be similar to Dead Space 2.
Which is GOOD because DS2 did sadly introduce more action but maintained the horror at its core and only added INTENSE action as brief sequences like 'water cooler' moments.
This could be the same. Tell me what u think!

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SILENT HILL 3 was the best damn horror game ever.....ever. Yes BETTER than SH2. It was a game from hell itself.
Why don't devs learn from SH3's pure disturbing horror with SH2's deep depessing story telling.

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How the hell was DMC 4 a "disappointment"? It was fantastic and had everything a fan would want except for Dante's bro V. Dmc 3 was good too.

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really? desperate for views much?

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It's a good 90% chance that it's the remakes of Ruby and Sapphire. MoonRuby & StarSapphire or StarRuby & MoonSapphire???? lol

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GOOD thing i just bought the 360 version. It will come with its fair share of bugs but I SURE AS HELL know that there will be no lag. Selling my ps3 version.

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i would perfer it to be Half-Life 3, GTA 5, Heavy Rain 2, or maybe Manhunt 3(lol)? Better not be no damn sony smash bros knock off

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this is now basically confirmed :3

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deserves every 10/10 or 5/5 it can get

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John Carmack you are a smart man. Aint it the truth

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you tell t-nova to shut his fanboy crap. HOW BOUT YOU ALL SHUT YOUR HORRID FANBOY CRAP. ITS JUST A GAME! JUST SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE GAME. i hate fanboys....

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