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PS Plus should get a discounted price. #5
Exclusive means for 1 platform.

So you mentioned only 2 exclusives. #5.1.2
There's not going to be a better Multiplayer game on PS3 than this
Revolutionary MMOFPS.

Release Date: Summer 2012 #10
Why Naugthy Dog don't tell how to Develop on PS3 to the 3rd Party Devs? Why? Why? #1.4
And DUST 514! #2.1.1
Sooner than I thought. #4
BF3 offers more than just Graphics, is better in every aspect. #3.5
Is just a recycled game. #2.1
With no Multiplayer (they get rid of the Multiplayer feature), that is unacceptable. #1.6
Penumbra or Amnesia The Dark Descent. Top Scariest Survival Horror games of all times. #9
The Dominant Online Service is available on PC.

The only thing I can see as the highlight feature from Xbox Live, Cross Game Chat, that's all. #2.1
Tweaked Quake 3 Engine. #7
''Hirschberg described CoD as embodying “epic realism” ''

Lol. #4
BF3 for what it offers, is reasonable why is running 30FPS on consoles. Unlike COD which is the same thing, looks like a generation below from BF3.

PC can run BF3 at 60FPS. #13.1.4
Who cares, we need games, not sales charts. #5
Different things have changed trough the Updates, thanks to the support of PD. #3
Xbox 360 have HDMI 1.2, which can't do great 3D as PS3 which this have HDMI 1.3 #17.5
Long Live Play, new Slogan for PlayStation. #25
This game is meant to be played on PC.

Can't wait to see it in DX11 with Mods. #1.8.2
Like Call of Duty in Sport games. #2.1
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