Pwning scrubs in Advanced Warfare.


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The guy screams at a screen and rakes in dough off an army of children (of all ages). Who takes any of his "reviews" seriously? But, yes, disgusting practice. Not surprising in the least, though. He panders to the lowest common denominator. It's not shocking he only does so for the cash money.

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Yeah, I'm waiting to see when it's actually coming out and what the official specs are going to be. Tired of all the rumors and speculation. Hopefully Sony will release something more concrete about the Neo sooner rather than later.

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That's a bummer. I hope my PS4 holds out at least till the Neo arrives. Or until I upgrade my PC. Seems fine now, but you never know.

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I'm glad they threw in melee combat, too. That'll be pretty epic smacking down people with spades and such.

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True. But, sadly, this won't end until people completely stop purchasing the CoD Points. As long as people are willing to sink money into it - they'll keep it up to keep the cash flowing.

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Agreed. The team balance thing is insane. EVERY match there's 1-2 players that carry the entire team with the others usually picking up single digit kills and 2-3x as many deaths.

The game definitely isn't as awful as some other CoDs, but there are some issues with it.

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The specialists are fairly balanced - all are powerful. I think its just the fact that some take no skill whatsoever to use - Ripper, War Machine, Gravity Spikes - that pisses people off. Especially when you're on a good streak and get randomly wiped out by a random that's 3 and 22 because they blasted a nade across the map.

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Pretty sure they're going to raise the cap with the expansions. Helps keep the game alive a bit once people get all their endgame gear and such.

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Yup. How it is in nearly every RPG/MMO, though. The perks and changing difficulty are good tips, though.

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Yeah, it is a bit odd. That is where you run into tougher AI enemies, but then you've also got to face other players, too. Seems like there should be a PvE zone with higher level enemies and no worries about getting struck down by other agents. Perhaps that's in the full game, but it does seem like all the best loot is in the Dark Zone.

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Yeah, I was surprised they added in the ability to convert materials into higher-tier mats. I'm glad crafting is in the game. I just hope it's actually useful.

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How is this a unique game? It's a third-person RPG shooter. So revolutionary! I'm actually finding it pretty dang boring to be perfectly honest.

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I wouldn't count on it. As long as they're getting a check cut from Google for it and they get early access to Call of Duty content from Activision, they don't care.

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Lol crying about it? It's pointing out a major issue within the industry and showing that some of the biggest "celebrities" involved with it aren't helping it any.

There's no crying. It's a simple statement.

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Most people, if asked, would say they don't care for microtransactions. Plain and simple. Doesn't mean they don't get sucked into buying them, too.

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This sounds like a solid plan to stay in the software development field - not hardware.

Not to mention it would take a lot of years to match the infamy of Nintendo. They'd literally have to knock it out of the park with every single IP to even have a faint glimmer of hope of catching up to that kind of recognition.

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It's a bit different with actual products, though. With microtransactions it can be small increments of $2 here, $10 there. They're essentially impulse purchases. And YouTubers definitely hype them up and glorify them to the point where I'm sure they influence some purchases.

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Yup. And they'll all make a video saying they don't encourage it and that no one's forcing you to, blah blah blah. But, in the end, they're building up hype for it and essentially work as Activision's no-charge marketing team.

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I can think of so many better ways to spend $100+ than on digital crap. Especially for Call of Duty. Like, are you that stupid? You're going to drop this game in 9 months for the next one. Why the heck would you sink more cash into it?

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Nice. I don't typically go after prestiges, but I'll use some time to get my weapons maxed out.

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