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Most of them are pretty much just high-end office chairs with a slick color scheme. Really the only point in having it is for aesthetic purposes - i.e. matching a well put-together gaming setup. Other than that, they're just pricey office chairs. Although this one in particular isn't priced bad.

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Yeah, had the same issue myself. I prefer regular ol' fabric. Even real leather is a tad much if you live in a hot/humid region.

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Painfully boring game. It's much like the Simpsons and Family Guy mobile games. Click and collect. I love the series - really wish they'd bring it back rather than do stupid stuff like this.

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The "I want to copy a famous streamer/youtuber" chairs.

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@Gh05t - True. N4G is a hub of wasted content, though, honestly. These guys put more effort into this article than 80% of the sites on here that literally throw up 100-250 words of regurgitated "news" and get frontpage for it.

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Yeah, I think it's probably really difficult to compare brands like this. They have too many options. I've heard nothing but mixed opinions of both. Obviously a lot of people are put off by the price and say its definitely not worth the money. Others say they're awesome. It would be nice to get a true comparison that isn't just generalizations.

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Vector is a beast out of the gate. Good through a whole match, but definitely a monster in the beginning stages.

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Not a bad looking chair. And a fraction of the cost of these other brands.

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PlayerUnknown is simply the online alias of the guy that originally created the PUBG mod. His actual name is Brendan Greene.

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"Streamers". Where I come from these chicks would be called camgirls.

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The X Rocker ones are mostly geared toward kids/teens - yup.

DXracer makes a slick chair, though. As does Arozzi and a couple others. Not all of them are ridiculously priced, either. DXracer definitely costs a pretty penny, but other brands you can get a decent chair for under $100.

You have to keep in mind, too, that not everyone wants a boring, dull, office chair to compliment a proper gaming setup. Gotta have some flair, mayne.

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Isn't it? I was surprised at how good it is considering it's nearly 1/2 the cost of ones like the Yeti. It's awesome, though.

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They do make a great mic. I've used the Yeti and the Snowball. Both are fantastic for the price. I will say, though, that the Samson meteor is incredible, too. And it's cheaper than the Yeti.

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Nope. Hopefully they don't completely ruin it. The details that have been put out about it so far aren't encouraging, though.

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Yeah, a bit surprising that they didn't stick to that with this. I'm guessing they felt turn-based combat was too "old-school" for modern players. Hopefully it won't completely ruin the game with it being a different combat style.

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True. But a $10 headset doesn't typically last long. Nor is it the greatest of quality. I do agree, however, that a HDD upgrade is a must for most gamers.

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You could, but that wouldn't help you chat with your teammates, now would it? ;)

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From everything I've heard... the Gold headset is more reliable than the Platinum. I also just can't justify the price difference. The Gold is a pretty good deal for what you're getting. I love the Gold headset.

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I'll give it a shot - but it probably still won't convince me to throw money at it in the end.

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They're decent chairs. I wouldn't say the best, but they're alright. You're definitely paying more for the name than anything, though. They're big because of streamers and YouTubers. They've done a good job getting their name out there.

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