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Vector is a beast out of the gate. Good through a whole match, but definitely a monster in the beginning stages.

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Not a bad looking chair. And a fraction of the cost of these other brands.

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PlayerUnknown is simply the online alias of the guy that originally created the PUBG mod. His actual name is Brendan Greene.

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"Streamers". Where I come from these chicks would be called camgirls.

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The X Rocker ones are mostly geared toward kids/teens - yup.

DXracer makes a slick chair, though. As does Arozzi and a couple others. Not all of them are ridiculously priced, either. DXracer definitely costs a pretty penny, but other brands you can get a decent chair for under $100.

You have to keep in mind, too, that not everyone wants a boring, dull, office chair to compliment a proper gaming setup. Gotta have some flair, mayne.

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Isn't it? I was surprised at how good it is considering it's nearly 1/2 the cost of ones like the Yeti. It's awesome, though.

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They do make a great mic. I've used the Yeti and the Snowball. Both are fantastic for the price. I will say, though, that the Samson meteor is incredible, too. And it's cheaper than the Yeti.

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Nope. Hopefully they don't completely ruin it. The details that have been put out about it so far aren't encouraging, though.

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Yeah, a bit surprising that they didn't stick to that with this. I'm guessing they felt turn-based combat was too "old-school" for modern players. Hopefully it won't completely ruin the game with it being a different combat style.

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True. But a $10 headset doesn't typically last long. Nor is it the greatest of quality. I do agree, however, that a HDD upgrade is a must for most gamers.

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You could, but that wouldn't help you chat with your teammates, now would it? ;)

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From everything I've heard... the Gold headset is more reliable than the Platinum. I also just can't justify the price difference. The Gold is a pretty good deal for what you're getting. I love the Gold headset.

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I'll give it a shot - but it probably still won't convince me to throw money at it in the end.

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They're decent chairs. I wouldn't say the best, but they're alright. You're definitely paying more for the name than anything, though. They're big because of streamers and YouTubers. They've done a good job getting their name out there.

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Lol. I prefer a bigger chair regardless. They're usually made better and last longer. And I hate feeling cramped or even remotely restricted so going a size or two beyond what's recommended is the way to go IMO.

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They noted at the very bottom of the article that "full HD" models typically only do upscale 800 x 600.

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Yeah, not everyone is able to play games on larger screens. Personally, I've found that anything bigger than 27 inches completely throws me off.

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Yeah, not great for competitive FPS games. I think the best I've seen is around 15 ms which isn't great.

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Yeah, bulbs are definitely something to keep in mind. Almost all of them say they can last 10,000 hours, but, yeah, that's not usually the case.

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Overwatch is legitimately one of the better games when it comes to loot boxes. I've popped the good skins rather often. You legit have to be mentally challenged to justify spending money on SKINS - something that has 0 impact that everyone and their mom has.

Do yourself a favor... anytime you feel the urge to stupidly splurge on loot boxes - dump that money you would've spent into stocks or at least stash it in a savings account. If nothing else - BUY NEW GAMES FFS....

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