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"Getting busy with Guild Wars 2."


Yeah they announced a while back that it would be going F2P. It's already F2P on PC. The 360/PS3 versions are next to go that route. It's not a terrible game but it definitely has a lot of bugs. It may actually do well as a F2P title. #3.1
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Pretty much. Game has essentially been in beta for over a year. Every time they release a new patch they end up having to patch the patch that patched the last patch. #2.1
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I seriously doubt that. Defiance has not done well. I can't imagine Trion would be willing to put forth the cash to make a port for next-gen consoles. Who knows, though. But I've not seen any evidence that they have any plan of bringing Defiance to Xbox One or PS4. #1.1
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@StanLee - I'm not disputing the fact that it's a popular game. But it is common knowledge that long-time fans of the series are getting bored of it. It hasn't changed much over the course of 11 years. Just like WoW, it gets old after a while and people start looking for something new. #6
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No, it shouldn't. People should form their own opinions of games based on their own personal experiences with them. Unfortunately, we don't live in shouldland. #4.1
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Yeah, I'm not too sure about Destiny either. Looks like it could be really cool or really boring. Won't know till beta. Still sounds 100x more fun than CoD at this point, though. #3.1
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True, true. Quickscoping, especially in games like Black Ops 2, has definitely turned some people away. Can't say I don't get annoyed by all the Faze/Optic wannabes. #2.1
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Even CoD fanboys are getting sick of the series. And no one made this a "you're not a gamer" argument. Moving on.. #1.2.1
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They just announced upcoming endgame content for the end of April, actually. Look it up. ESO Craglorn. #2.1
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Some of us have lives and jobs to tend to before gaming unfortunately. Not to mention I just don't have in it in me to stay up 48 hours straight anymore. #1.1
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I favor paid MMOs as well. Haven't had a chance to play the final ESO release so I'm hoping it's not THAT bad. #7.1
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Definitely not on consoles. They aren't an MMO crowd plus Xbox One players will have to pay the $15/mo sub fee on top of Xbox Live... yeah, won't happen. #5.1
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For everyone but Xbox players. For Xbox players it's $60 for the game, $15 for the sub fee, and an additional $5-$10/mo (depending if you buy a year in advance or not) for XBL service. #6.2
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Curious, too. The beta was very shaky and had quite a few glitches. I love the Elder Scrolls series so I'm really hoping they can give it a good shine but I feel like that's a lot of polish work to do in a short time period. We'll see, though. #2.1
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Beta wasn't the best but it was a beta. Hoping things are a lot more polished upon final release. The beta had a ton of bugs, too. #1.1
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I guess its time I invest in Adblock. Having a full screen video ad every single slide is atrocious. Your site is bad and you should feel bad.

Without all the ads I would've enjoyed this article as I do fancy some Pokemanz. But that was horrific. #1
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I would love to win a PS4. Here's my entry! #1100
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Yup these work pretty well now. It's pretty great to be able to get a decent looking emblem without having to spend hours going through a tutorial trying to perfect one. #3
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You report the article stating that it only tells you to practice more yet it gives more details than just that. Appreciate it, bro. You're a class act. #1.1
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Providing it'd come with decent games... hell yeah... shut up and take my money. #4.2
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