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They noted at the very bottom of the article that "full HD" models typically only do upscale 800 x 600.

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Yeah, not everyone is able to play games on larger screens. Personally, I've found that anything bigger than 27 inches completely throws me off.

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Yeah, not great for competitive FPS games. I think the best I've seen is around 15 ms which isn't great.

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Yeah, bulbs are definitely something to keep in mind. Almost all of them say they can last 10,000 hours, but, yeah, that's not usually the case.

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Overwatch is legitimately one of the better games when it comes to loot boxes. I've popped the good skins rather often. You legit have to be mentally challenged to justify spending money on SKINS - something that has 0 impact that everyone and their mom has.

Do yourself a favor... anytime you feel the urge to stupidly splurge on loot boxes - dump that money you would've spent into stocks or at least stash it in a savings account. If nothing else - BUY NEW GAMES FFS....

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I'm guessing this is more geared toward Christmas noobs and people who don't understand the "crafting" in the game. It's laughable that they even referred to this system as crafting in the first place.

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There are plenty of people that buy competition controllers just because. Look at all the scrubs with Scuf or Xbox One Elite controllers. And most prefer to at least have the option of going wireless.

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Yup - nothing like waiting until the last second to get shopping done. Who doesn't like stressing themselves out for the holidays, right?

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Yeah, a good office chair works pretty well. I think these "gaming chairs" are mostly designed for kids. At least the floor model ones are anyway.

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Chair > couch. I hate couches. Forces you to slump too much.

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Lol I love how this kid acts like he's god of Battlefield when he's literally just spamming grenades and blasting noobs with an OP shotgun. Next.

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It's a pretty decent game. Not perfect by any means, but it's a solid shooter.

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Yeah, that's my problem with that sniper - I can't stand that it doesn't have a scope. Throws me off big time when sniping.

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Yeah support kind of got the shaft in the weapons department in this game.

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As much as he complained about the game you'd expect a much lower score than 7/10.

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@AsiaticGodBorn - I could literally have written it in the most eloquent manner in an attempt to mock a sophisticated Caucasian male and I bet you'd still find it offensive, PC Principal.

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Battlefield 1 is off to a good start, but I seriously doubt it'll trump the sales of Infinite Warfare. Even the people bashing it the hardest will probably still buy it just because it's Call of Duty.

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They never have anything about the actual maps included with it right away. The game isn't even out yet. I think the point was that the season pass is now available, here's what it includes kinda thing.

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Well... maps PLUS in-game currency for the rigged lottery boxes ....erm... I mean "supply drops" ... .but yeah.

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But, but... you save uh ten durrahhhh.

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