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Yup. I think the Telltale games are great, too, for getting your gf/wife into gaming. Especially if they love Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead.

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Yeah, same. This is the cycle, though. Campaign, campaign, campaign until its close to launch, then a teeny tiny snippet of multiplayer as a teaser prior to release.

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I seriously doubt Infinite Warfare is open-world. I do believe Call of Duty will jump on that bandwagon at some point if games like Destiny / The Division etc continue to be big hits, but I don't think that's what they're doing with this game.

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I won't be contributing to their numbers until its F2P on PS4. GL keeping the PC crowd around.

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That's what other mobile games are for.

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I think that's the problem - people forget Deus way too easily. They definitely should've picked a release date further before or after NMS, though. It's getting overshadowed by that big time.

EDIT: For the record - I wasn't saying the games are similar in any way. I was just stating that Deus is getting overlooked quite a bit due to the constant coverage of NMS. Appreciate the downvotes, though :)

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Probably shouldn't cheat to get banned in the first place.

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Cheers for the info. I may get it then. That sounds like a rather minor issue to deal with.

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Is this guy placing FO4 on a potato? Bad quality screenshots.

It's cool that this exists, though.

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Was looking into these recently. Only thing I see wrong with it are the arms. Seems like they could be better padded / constructed.

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This was great. I wish they'd bring the show back. One of my absolute favorites.

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Useful little app to have on-hand.

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Yup, agree wholeheartedly with this. It's mainly people that never touched Pokemon before PGO that have left. Real fans of the series are doing it pretty much every day still. My friends and I are still playing regularly.

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Yeah, it's starting to die down a bit. There are definitely some dedicated players that are still playing, though. In the grand scheme of things - they still have a lot of active users.

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Tough question. I'd have to say the original Playstation. I played games from an early age mainly on the Sega Genesis, but it was the Playstation that really made me a lifetime gamer. Can't even begin to fathom the number of hours I spent playing FFVII, Bloody Roar, Command & Conquer, Crusaders of Might & Magic, Legend of Dragoon, and countless other titles.

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The one the article mentions works well, but only if the servers are actually up. Which they haven't been like all day for me.

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I have read it, what's your point? It mentions the glitch. With or without the footprints being accurate you CAN still track by doing a bit of guessing for directions..

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According to everything I've read it's either "glitched" or the developers intentionally disabled the distance tracking feature to alleviate server stress. Either way, you can still track them using the blinking bar and the order the Pokemon are listed. It's just not as easy as it could/should be.

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The guy screams at a screen and rakes in dough off an army of children (of all ages). Who takes any of his "reviews" seriously? But, yes, disgusting practice. Not surprising in the least, though. He panders to the lowest common denominator. It's not shocking he only does so for the cash money.

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Yeah, I'm waiting to see when it's actually coming out and what the official specs are going to be. Tired of all the rumors and speculation. Hopefully Sony will release something more concrete about the Neo sooner rather than later.

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