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Clickbait crap

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As anyone can see, the post was not edited at any point after it was originally posted

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Microsoft's September exclusive is almost here, and is looking stunningly good.

Same sentence with the bracket removed. Does that help?

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You DO realise that this isn't my opinion? I'm questioning an inconsistency that isn't in the rules.

Stop clinging to your shocking lack of knowledge. YOU are clinging to an opinion that's wrong, whereas I am asking questions.

"Stubborn and ardent clinging to one's opinion is the best proof of stupidity."
Michel de Montaigne

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If you're so confident, why on earth don't you find me the passage in the SITE RULES that points this out? As it's a rule, and all?

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No dramas

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"and a surprising review score for The Walking Dead."

Yeah, I was shocked. What?

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Yeah, because there were some great Sony games released this year

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Touch screens aren't the future, they're the present. Over 70% of games played today are played on tablets and mobile phones.

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This is actually not a bad article, but you're a bit of a scumbag if you force people to click TEN times to read ONE article

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This is one of the worst reviews I've had the displeasure to read this generation

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Terrible list.

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Could it signal the end of the big N?

No, it couldn't

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It may not be very hardcore friendly, that list... But it was voted for by a team consisting of many different age groups of men and women, so I think the results are quite interesting. I would like to have seen Sin & Punishment 2 at the top, but hey ho

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Banjo Kazooie should have taken the place of DK: 64 I think

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"typical childish response, Al80"

Have you ever worked for a single-format magazine or website? Because I have, and if I'd have attempted to place an exclusive game from a rival console in a list like this, I'd have been shown the door.

Just sayin

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"Worse is the impotent machine gun that struggles to destroy any vehicle you may try to kill"

You're doing it wrong, clearly. If you're on target you can disable and destory a tank in one swoop with those guns

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I feel guilty about the fact that this cracked me up

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"The list starts with MGS on PS1, soooooooooo... "

It's quite different to big up something that's available on a current machine though

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It's an Xbox 360 site, so I guess they weren't allowed!

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