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Oh my god. Microsoft is going under. This is the end of the Xbox One.

Sarcasm intended. I love how level headed Xbots suddenly become once bad news hits about MS. Insta optimists.

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Cue all the dumb people who will believe anything they hear saying "This is going to be the savior of gaming, this will destroy the PS4 and XB1"

Juuuuuuust like when Ouya was announced and look how that turned out ahahahaha.

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The term RPG is not solely defined by games like Final Fantasy. It is called Role Playing Game, which means there are certain elements of a game which make it an RPG. Fallout and Elder Scrolls are both RPG's, that is 100% correct, you can't say "they are barely RPG's" just because they don't look like Final Fantasy.

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Because no one cares about Wii U.

Putting good game ideas on the Wii U is basically pointless, actually it is less than pointless, it is just stupid.

The Wii U is a failure, financially and based on market reaction. It is too late for a come back and Ninty need to realise that. But they won't.

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ATB is the epitome of a modern and fast paced turn based battle system.

FFX-2 had the best battle system of ANY final fantasy game.

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Haha, with all the stretch goals added, yes, yes there will be a major delay.

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WHAT?! Really?!?!

So you're basically saying that Titanfall has seen a 90% decrease in sales in it's second week. WOW. That's NOT a good thing dude. It basically says most of it's sales are from die hard fanboys.

Compare that to Infamous' 67% decrease LOL

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2 games a year is absolutely too much.

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So you are saying Augmented reality could be a competitor to virtual reality....


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I hope they can do it before I die. Then I want to transfer my consciousness into a game.

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Well of course this game will have DLC content.

When the Paper Trail DLC was announced I am fairly certain they said it would include a new power, so obviously Paper.

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After 2 games of electricity powers, I think that would be a huge cop out.

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The 4 different powers that we currently have, each fit a role more so then unique powers. (Spoilers)

Neon: Long range fighting/best and fastest mode of transport
Smoke: More of a full frontal assault skill set. I use this when I just want to smash everything to pieces.
Video: More of a guerilla skillset. Allows you to get in, cause damage, and get out.
Concrete: Tank. Damage soaking with limited attack.

Each has it's own play styl...

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Playing inFamous has actually made me really excited for Watch_Dogs.

Maybe it is the open world feel, maybe I miss the open world genre.

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Industry 'insiders' have been the source of countless leaks which turned out to be true.

Microsoft's DRM policies were outed by an insider.

Developers don't really provide us with much information, so industry insiders are becoming more and more popular, and proving to be good sources of unofficial information.

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No, no it's not.

There are SO many doom and gloomers in the community.

Things are progressing as normal, as they always have. Companies expand, companies shrink, people move from company to company, console to console.

That is the way of the industry.

The reason why everyone is crying about all this is that most people who are vocal on the internet are not used to that.

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Cept 343 didn't do it.

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I definitely think that Uncharted and God of War should be given a rest.

Those titles have been the same thing year after year after year.

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Because Epic are not a studio which needs to rely on clutch titles.

Also, Gears isn't the money maker it used to be, it is a console exclusive for starters, and the last 2 gears games sucked, which lost a lot of fans.

Also, why would they lie about it?

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