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are mario,mario kart, zelda, smash brothers or metroid confirmed?

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lol, only nes fanatics would care for this game now. ask most people about this game and they wont know or even if they saw the mother series would not care. im a nes fan so i know about it and how there wont be another one made.

wii u needs a lot of third party support and new quality nintendo ips not another mario, zelda, metroid or some tired franchise. screaming for more tired old nintendo franchise is one of the main reason the system is selling poorly. gamers know itll ...

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probably because the most that participated in the survey were senile and didnt even know what they were talking about.we all know that most people who bought a nintendo console dont use them often for several reason. they are casuals and dont play more than one or two games, they are nes fanatics that buys nintendo games but dont play them, and or the majority of nintendo gamers who basically were tricked into buying the nintendo system then realize soon after its rubbish.


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we all can agree that all nintendo directs are pointless with little information. anyway, ill post about it after its over.

i cant wait for ps4

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just get a playstation or the newest one. get a ps4 because sonys track record will prove them being at the top technologically at release day.

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i dont care what quantic dream does but i cant wait for it. ill buy it first day and have faith that itll be amazing. plus sony is backing them so ill be expecting nothing but quality.

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nintendo systems reputation is that it doesnt get supported by third party devs a lot and a lot of third party games dont sell on it. it also has the reputation of having outdated tech which makes the system weak and its mostly for kids.

the wii u is rubbish and with all of the short comings of the console its only rational for devs to stay away from it if they feel like their hardcore games or games in general wont be supported on it.

wii u is rubbish. the p...

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its always funny to me hearing about a new sony firmware update because they always have hidden features in them that sony doesnt run around bragging about like other companies that would brag about silly features.

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when you see a quality game like this on an old system like the ps3 how can a person waste 400quid to buy a wii u and zombie u. how can a person buy wii u that is new but all the tech of its games are way below the last of us.

i cant wait to get this survival edition along with beyond and other top ps3 exclusives like gow asc. then there will be announcement of the ps4. i cant wait

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nice to see the wii u actually getting games that are good on the horizon.

i cant wait for the ps4

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all nintendo directs are pointless with little to no new information.

the wii u is rubbish

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awesome use of this device since it doesnt have any games considered worthy of anything and there isnt much planned for it. the system can be used as a coaster for my tea and biscuits while the short life wii u pad can be used to change channel. what a rubbish system.

fanatics oooh and aaaaww over the silliest thing on a nes console because they dont expect anything revolutionary or cutting edge on wii u. my psp can be used as a universal remote since 6 years ago. where are t...

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the wii u is like other nes consoles where gamers have to wait months and on for games so fanatics should be use to nintendos antics.

with the rumoured specs of ps4 which makes it like 12 times the power of the wii u and the imminent announcement of ps4 the wii u crisis will get worse and not like the crytek games which i like on pc. wii u is rubbish and finished

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the rumoured specs of the ps4 is about 12 times the power of the wii u so far so the title of this article shouldnt really be about the first 2 months of the wii u but a eulogy for the wii u.

there arent any games in sight worth talking about for wii u and if you consult a nes fanatic about the wii u all theyll say like nintendo atomotons is " WAIT TILL ZELDA, MARIO, METROID, SMASH BROTHERS " or some other tired franchise is out. nothing is wrong with the franchise...

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i cant wait for a real next gen console not that any is out yet but ive been eagerly waiting for about two years. i cant wait for the ps4.

im having a lot of fun with the few bits of high quality games offered on the pc. asus v ex.,i7 2600k, 3 gtx 580. i love bf 3 on pc on ultra which i think is the only way worth playing that game, witcher 2 on ultra, diablo 3, skyrim and a few others. i cant wait for crysis 3 to be released so i can see how taxing it is on my pc. i cant wai...

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I will be geting all the consoles but the one i really want is the ps4. my decisions arent about what my friends want or have but about the reputation and history of sony. they bring the quality and unique games so im mostly looking forward to the ps4.

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asus maximus v extreme, i7 2600k,3 x gtx 580, i cant wait for this game

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i cant wait for ps4.

next gen starts when ps4 is here.

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first party wii u screen protector but no new first party games. lol. im quite sure the systems focus should be about games

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nintendo is doing what nintendo always does. theyll rely on fanatics to sell the wii u. the wii u has little games on the horizon for it and the system should cost less than half the asking price. nintendo is known for starving their fanbase of games compared to the likes of sony who constantly releases new games.

i would also like to apologize for my absence lately but i was doing a lot of running around due to the holiday season and such. even though i use my vita and mobi...

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