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One of the best comments Ive read in a long time

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Games amazing but most of his points are valid

Ironically his voice is very robotic

Anyone bought the arrow rifle?
Finding it useless and I paid almost a 1000 shards!!

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My psn name suited me more 10 years ago as a teenager!!!! Lol

Cant believe its been 10 years since psn gaming!!! Alot of good times!!!

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"The first Watch Dogs reminded me immediately of a knock off of Grand Theft Auto"

He doesnt seem to like the idea of the game but he does give reason

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Generic is excited to play his first FF and im interested aswell

But seems like theres alot of die hard ff fans (douches) on here who seem to think the game is made a specially for them

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Your right but they dont seem to release anything in winter (recently) which is quiet strange

I wish ND hurry up with there dlc

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Take 2pac out your name

Most of your comments are a like someone on her period

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It might of had a worse campaign but mp was better and zombies is different level compared to what iw and sledgehammer offer!

So complete package is reason why bo3 got better score

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Have u ever played battlefield 1??
There is TDM and Domination

"Rappers, footballers and typical CONSOLE GAMERS all play on COD"

1987 makes u almost 30? Im struggling to believe that lol

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"Keep in mind, Ratchet was in development way before PS4 Pro was a thing (or at least, one we knew about).

Ratchet’s utilization and optimization of the PS4 hardware was dialed in for a locked 30, so the effort to re-architect that would be gigantic'"

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It was obvious that it would get decent scores

Multiplayer wise its very average judging by the beta

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"some of the more ludicrous whining even suggests that due to their skin color the African-American characters have a camouflage advantage over the light skins"


They need to make it fair in the desert level they should be no asian soliders And the future snow dlc......

On topic, its better to ignore the idiots

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That would be the dream!!!!
Even 1080p 60fps

More realistic would be ps4 specs

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Look good!!

Wish they were wireless tho

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To the above

Ive got rocket league lol

But its coming up to two years!!!!!

There so many games released but they giving games i wouldnt buy

Just off the top of my head just cause, watch dogs, killzone, uncharted collection, last of us, order ect....

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I hope f ing so

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4 games no one could give a flying two ..... about

Its about time someone set up an petition to opt of ps plus and just pay for online multiplayer

Only download resogun since i had this dog .......

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I agree!!

Seems alot ppl hav been waiting for nintendo to offer something decent and this might be the closest were get without waiting another decade!

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Was going to buy IW

But after playing the beta its actually a pretty poor game. Its a mix between bo3 and AW

Why pay £70 for a poor a game and game almost 10 years old.

They should of remastered MW series i would bought in a heartbeat

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Its always been about money and sales??

Do you work for free?

Agree with the gore tho!!!

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