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By the time pulled the rocket, there would of been a bullet in his head

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Its about to ship a console to ps4 owner!!!

Last year I thought destiny could feel that void but no it cant!!!!

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Why is there so much hate on this game??????

Every article there's a bunch people saying the same sh.....

I used to come on here for people opinions who played the game not people who never had any intention of buying it

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The guy thinks 20 hours gameplay is a dlc?????

Dont play single player games normally but listening to this guy and others talk about cd project, I'm going buy this game!!!

Wasted so much money on money grabbing Devs, Its good to show support for one who gives a F%#k

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If there using the free service to do these attack why don't they..............

60 x 8 million paid users = 480 million

Half billion in revenue and you can't Fing keep ur service up for over a month???

starting to believe the hackers that there only doing because there security is S...T


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I thought DDOS was loads of bots signing in PSN ect at the same time???

Psn plus is a paid service so are these bots loging on to the paid service??? Or normal psn??

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Uncharted on nes/snes = Pitfall

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"He created a total of 5 characters in order to run the new raid five times this week"

Lol this guy must complete games in day

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"A Setting without a plot" LOL

Sadly so true.....

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It should be 12 o clock in uk same as when destiny and cod were released

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if this was a launch game, I probably would of bought a X1 instead of a ps4

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People should be responsible for there actions

Both sides

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In your dreams liam!!

Without the licence for biggest league in the world (epl) konami I can keep there out dated game in Asia

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It doesn't make sense??

You keep asking where's the free version of the game, so clearly want to play it? No?

I've bought driveclub, even tho they f'ed up the online part. I'm
Still having a lot of fun!!!

Would I rather have it delayed a couple of weeks so it could fixed?? No, il rather have single player now and wait for the online.

Not defending Sony

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I see you on almost every driveclub article crying about the same thing!!

If your that desperate for a racing game buy it FFS

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Not if you only it use it to play online...

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They were always showing the game motion

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What else do you do on point to point racing games LOL

this isn't fast and the furious or need for speed LOL

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I having the same problem!!! Some of graphics look very average!!!

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