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movies cost $10-20 a pop??

Maybe you need to get a new job if you can’t do it

Free drinks, hotels

Pay for your holidays like everyone else!
You money grabbing @&££

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COD cost 500 mill????

WAW with updated graphics

Yh I’m sure they spent that on actual gameplay.....

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PUBG got a 9

Heard so many complaints? Is that just for Xbox?

I would give fortnite a 8-9

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Yh not this bull again....

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It does in the first paragraph???

Always online
No career mode
Low track and car numbers
Average track graphics

I don’t understand why everyone defends this game so hard

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Funny how any Criticism of GT on this site gets you down voted


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If driveclub is real then.....

The cars look good but the tracks are average

Driveclub 1080p is still better looking

It looks like updated version on gt6 not a new game which should of taken 3-4 years

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Does your TV upgrade the trees looking like cardboard

If so send me link because there was no point getting a pro

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I like to have another try

Fun game but the graphics don't look amazing considering I'm playing it at 4k and HDR.

Driveclub is stil better

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Driveclub at 1080p is still much better looking

GTS is fun but graphics are nothing special

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"Visually, it’s hard to separate this latest Gran Turismo entry from Microsoft’s racer."


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He's not exactly a mass murder, rapist etc

I like South Park but this is a bit harsh

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there is so many £&@& on this article its unbelievable

Backing corps who wouldn't pi$$ on them if they were on fire

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Worse comparison ever!!!

How about some gameplay!
U absolute ......

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One of the best comments Ive read in a long time

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Games amazing but most of his points are valid

Ironically his voice is very robotic

Anyone bought the arrow rifle?
Finding it useless and I paid almost a 1000 shards!!

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My psn name suited me more 10 years ago as a teenager!!!! Lol

Cant believe its been 10 years since psn gaming!!! Alot of good times!!!

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"The first Watch Dogs reminded me immediately of a knock off of Grand Theft Auto"

He doesnt seem to like the idea of the game but he does give reason

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Generic is excited to play his first FF and im interested aswell

But seems like theres alot of die hard ff fans (douches) on here who seem to think the game is made a specially for them

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Your right but they dont seem to release anything in winter (recently) which is quiet strange

I wish ND hurry up with there dlc

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