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I'd hate to be Jim Sterling. I'm sure there are plenty who want to punch him in the face.

With his weight, he'd never be able to run. :(

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Still have my beloved big box of this game.

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Boring game.

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...oh wait, Kotaku. Nevermind.

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Are they really that desperate for money?

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I remember the days when CRPGs came with manuals that were a couple of 100 pages long.

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just fix the clunky animations and gameplay "specially platforming" ...

Haha, you funny.

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Yes, but if Elane is killed, we're left without the 1-2 subtle chit-chat between Nathan and Elena. Although I do agree that a friendly being killed in cold blood would do the trick.

Personally, one improvement for me would be melee weapons.

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Ha! Bubs. Divine Divinity was the best, went downhill from there.

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Here's how realistic damage would work out: Hit a brick wall at ~50mph = car totalled. Cool at first, but after 10 hours, I can assure you it won't be amusing anymore. Especially on endurance races. Polyphony have opted for a compromise.

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Sony hater not buying GT5. Big surprise.

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People still go to IGN for news?

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Ha! Ps3 controller is second only to Mouse/keyboard.

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All publicity's good publicity.

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Pretty sure Splinter Cell is inspired more by the Thief series. You use sound, shadows, etc, to help you sneak past enemies, same with Thief.

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If you want to hear how to use videogame music as beats, listen to K-murdock:

http://www.youtube.com/watc... ...

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My first real MP game was Quake 1. Regardless, I agree. I have this on PC.

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Ha, why do all PC gamers try to show off their rig with each comment that refers to their PC?

@topic: Why not use MW1 code? It runs fine online.

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It'll sell out if it's deliberately understocked.

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