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My, Halo_Reach, if you're going to be so devilishly subtle, how are we to tell if you're trolling or not (?)

On topic: I believe, apart from the first of PS3's release, every year has been a great year. At this point, with the games released, coming out for release, Sony can do no wrong.

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I'm sorry, but NowGamer, you're one of the most untrustworthy reviewers out there.

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Buy food, close curtains, descend into insanity.

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Albeit an over the top racing game. EA didn't support this title well enough. Once it was out, that was it. EA was already looking at the next game to promote.

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Gotta give it to the guy, though, that after so many years of his life directing and working on GT, he still delivers and strives as hard as he did in GT1.

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I'll take a good, long CRPG over those glorified kids' games any day.

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"What does make sense to me... I think they have a very sterile, almost car collecting type of product where that's mainly what we do and I think we can offer something different,"

Haha, oh he mad. He mad.

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Jet Set Radio, Demon's Souls, Gran Turismo Prologue, Baldurs Gate...

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Moodymann for me. ;)

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Demon's Souls 2
Might even be just a new addition to the HD Collection line-up.

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LOL, Mac gaming. Oxymoron if I ever saw one.

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Good, I am glad. Most overrated anime ever.

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"And here we go, with my second blog post; this time around, I'll be discussing another personal point of view. And no, this is not a retarded post intended to troll you, so stop overreacting and read on."

Like your first one? Poor show, indeed.

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Sorry, but I don't regard any of the MGS games as true stealth games such as Thief. They are "action-espionage games" with heavy emphasis on the former.

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7. Play TF2.

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Yeah, we can't afford it with all the released and upcoming exclusives. ;)

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I didn't think there could be a map worse than CoD 4's Shipment, but then Nuketown comes along and proves me wrong.

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Yeah, well, my truck isn't even in it either! It's an icon!

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They could produce/publish it.

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Sorry, but if you need help with a game like this, maybe it's time to hand in the controller.

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