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Certainly isn't FF13: Tunnels. The article tries to raise valid points, but ultimately, they don't change my opinion of this dreadful game.

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I guess Activision realized that, in some way, this would cost them money.

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They don't. Gameplay is first and foremost, IMO. Graphics are just a delightful bonus. Example: CS 1.6 - bad graphics (I think they're good, but generally people don't liken to them well) but exceptional gameplay.

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As long as it's NOTHING like Conviction and anything like Pandora Tomorrow, I'm in.

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They are called PREMIUM, they feature damage, higher polygon count models, they have cockpit camera. Yes, I would.

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Seriously, the standard cars are a BONUS, the premium cars are the real meat and potatoes. But you know, whatever, just be an ignorant troll.

P.S: You can turn on AA via the options. Again, just plain ignorance.

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I guess a lot of Kinect games and a couple of proper 360 worthy exclusives.

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I cracked and went for New Vegas. It was okay, though definitely buggy. Won't make the same mistake again.

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Oh boo hoo, this kiddie wanted to ram his cars into walls over and over without consequence. It's a sim. You don't want to be crashing into walls - this is a penalty.

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I wouldn't mind the at least trying. I know IGN probably only got to level 5-6 then said "screw it", we've seen what GT has to offer. Let's throw in our 2cents.

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A lot of you guys are idiots. The 800+ cars are a bonus. The 200 premium models are what GT5 is really about. They're absolutely stunning.

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Has actually thorougly impressed me. Seems to me that all the reviewers are Burnout fans because all they complain about is damage.

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They're clearly testing the water with the damage. Frankly, I'm content the way it is. I didn't buy all the other GTs to crash expensive cars into walls at ridiculous speeds to see the outcome. I play GT as it's a simulation. If you have a decent wheel, then you'll know damage, extreme damage, is an annoyance after a while.

Do you want damage akin to real life where you hit a wall at 30 MPH and have the chance of writing off the car? I don't. If you wa...

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Wow, so only after you buy Black Ops do you realize how rubbish it is? Last CoD I got was WaW.

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Only part where FPS dipped for me is when you smash walls and there is a lot of smoke effects on screen. But the dip only lasts a second, barely noticable.

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Wow, to be put off a game by the VA's. How shallow are you? I for one didn't mind the VA.

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Gee, is this guy trolling? It's simply too hard to tell (!)

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I, too, am Scottish. Did you know it was a Scotsman that help found the Mitsubishi corp.?

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I'd rather have a real gamers unbiased, non-trolling opinion review over a site that gives a game a disgustingly high score when they are being paid through every orifice to promote the game on their website.

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