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A few chapters in England, per chance?

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Another pointless article from NowGamer. They'll do anything for hits, even make articles out of information you already know about.

For shame, NowGamer.

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Best bits? Didn't know there was any. In between getting noobtubed, you're getting tomahawk'd across the map. CoD 2/MW 1 are the best CoDs.

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Even though KZ2 got a good reviews, I still consider it underrated. The more you play this game online, you release it's one of the best console MP offerings around. There are no 12 y/o's taking fits because you killed them. No, in this game, it guys just wanting to work together and play the damn game.

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Plants vs. Zombies over Portal?

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Le yawn. I still don't know why Eurogamer gave the last one a 10.

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CoD players wouldn't last 2 seconds on this.

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I hope they do a Q/A session. Or perhaps a gameplay trailer or even better, let Game Informer do a preview.

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- Block Break 1,000,000 (50) - You Have Destroyed 1,000,000 Soft Blocks.

We should get an achievement for just playing this dreadful game.

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It sucks, yes, but they can always patch it.

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Glad Kirby didn't get it. Glorified kids learning game.

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Demon's Souls.


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Pachter is like Stephen Colbert, except not funny.

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I predict Shift 2 to be released, supported for about, oh, 6 months then they'll start pushing Shift 3.

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Hype trains: one of the worst things to happen to gaming.

(I didn't disagree with you, btw)

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Was there ever a business? I mean, really? Name one good game movie.

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For the price of an iPad, you could build yourself a good gaming pc.

Just sayin'.

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Compare it to this:

See how it's shockingly superior?

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