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Day 1 buy. Too bad they haven't changed much byway of the graphics engine, but this could be like Thief II: The Metal Age - the graphics weren't updated at all, but it was just as good as the original. (In some areas, superior).

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Oh you with your stealth trolling.

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Fair's fair. All game have glitchers, but if this game has half the amount of glitches/boosts as MW2 has then I'm out. MW2 was spoiled for me after a month with all the glitches.

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It's confirmed. Activision must own a battery company.

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Don't care as long as it stays on PS3. FF13 was a joke.

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If you're going to troll, at least try put in a effort; otherwise you're wasting not only your time, but ours.

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How about, you know, READING the article?

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Slow news day?

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LOL! Cheapest tactic to boost sales since "Gotta Catch 'em All!".

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If U2's MP is so tacked on, why am I still playing it? It's very satisfying.

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Let's face it, people won't stop buying it. If you remember UT/Quake/CS/Doom etc, in the 90s, it's just like that. HUGE.

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Definitely. Great game, great score, great experience.

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And yet DF stated PS3 version has a more consistent Framerate.

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Wow. This actually looks like an improvement over 2.



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Haha, wow. You can't even look past graphics in a game. Story/gameplay/sound must mean nothing to you.

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Ps3 wins, but it was very close. It's a good game and worthy of a purchase on either platform.

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Didn't know Snakes Eye Piece which isn't on Snake himself constitutes the title Solid Snake Costume.

Big fat fake!

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It's as if they are trying to take Molyneux's rep. as gamings biggest mouth-piece.

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It's not to late to change it...

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Well, I'd take Ninja Gaiden over Castlevania. At least that game can actually hold a consistent FPS. Some parts in Castlevania were barely playable due to the crap FPS.

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