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Then why are you wasting your time here? I mean, I know you're trolling, but by coming here, you're effectively helping N4G continue with the ads/traffic.

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I pretty much only use N4G and /r/gaming(Reddit).

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BC2 is better -- skip this, get BC2.

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Nice try, Alphamale.

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Why not just give Nintendo your bank account?

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Uhm, how would this work? You have a game on Steam, trade it in, then what? What does Steam do with that game?

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Haha, this guy. He's TOO HUMAN.

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Definitely The Grinch.

Can't get me enough of those old CRPGs. New rpg's hold your hand ALL the way!

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No offence, but you're a male, over 13, and want to play this, you're pretty weird.

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Looking at Randy's track record, I'm not exactly over the moon about this.

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You sound hurt deep inside. :(

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How many games are you going to store on that 4 gig?

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Rental confirmed. Didn't like the demo. Seems to me that they are betting on people replaying the game over and over for the high scores and time trials.

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For Christmas, PS3 should bundle GT5, Uncharted 2 and LPB (or maybe KZ2) or something for the definitive PS3 experience.

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I'll buy it, but only because I trust Treyarch. I like WAW and COD 3.

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-A 5 hour generic campaign (with shocking parts thrown in for good measure) which could have easily been DLC for MW1
-Minor graphical updates from MW1 (WAW looked better).
-A Multiplayer experience which can only be described as broken
-Ridiculously overpriced DLC

Yup, 10/10 game right there.

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With Gametrailers, no. Hits = revenue.

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Does anyone even play Shift, EA?

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Haha, they actually have a Destructoid review on the cover. The same people who gave LoS a 5.

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