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Because every single Western RPG is terrible in comparison to, say, FF13?

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I hope so, because streaming porn in HD is hell.

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I'd be ecstatic to wake up to a DSi.

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Bet each one of you have BlOps.

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Haha, good troll. Bet you couldn't beat Baldurs Gate 1 which is from your amazing "Bioware".

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And it will STILL be buggy.

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..Are you serious? You don't even link the videos?

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Honestly cannot wait for this game. I didn't get into the beta, but I've watched hundred of Beta videos. It looks 2 times the game LBP 1 is.

Day 1.

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Oh look, Neckbear is clearly from another dimension wherein all Square-Enix games are exclusive to the PS3! He knows what they are like!

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Pachter needs to go back to his family because they are worried about his health. Ha!

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Hopefully now consumers will learn that CoD IS rubbish and just let it die.

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To improve cutscenes as they are pre-rendered FMV, they'd have to remake them. No easy feat.

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It's kinda hard to upscale FMV cutscenes...

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This. Clearly, Neckbear's idea of tactics is spamming spells until the enemy he is facing falls over. I guess he'd really like Diablo/Torchlight/Divine Divinity. I think that taking on bosses on DS with your sword and shield is 10x more exhilarating than standing behind a rock and spamming spells.

I don't know. Maybe I'm the type of gamer he refers to when he says he's "worried" the [we] found Demon's Soul'...

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No. Don't be silly now.

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Holy crap! That's a Land Rover Defender!! I drive one of them!! GOTY already.

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Aside from the boring rails gameplay, your hands cover the graphics. Who said the iOS platform could be taken serious in the gaming market again?

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Another hour, another rubbish article. Keep on trollin', IGNorance.

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This just doesn't sound like Sony. If they were to release a new console, it would have to be PS4. As said, 3.5 is just dividing their audience. How would PS3.5 even work? One game gets a game as envisioned by its developers and the other gets a gimped version?

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I really hope it has better FPS than the 360 version. It's no lie that 360 version suffered from inconsistent FPS.

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