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I'm actually surprised there aren't a hundred rebuts here lol. #1.1.1
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Makes sense. I was thinking more about DLC down the line. I haven't personally encountered Day one DLC in my games. Not yet at least. #1.1.1
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It's annoying but at same time a little exciting to finish a game and then have more of it pop up later on. It breathes new life into it. Bioshock infinite for instance. I couldn't get enough of it, I felt the ending was a good finalization but the DLC brought the game back. Gave me another new chance to enjoy it. I guess they could have included that content in the full release but I liked the way they did it just like I like how The Walking Dead is episodic. It depends on the game. #1
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Cave Johnson...would love to see that speech. He's probably the most unethical businessmen ever lol. A perfect role model. #1
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When I started playing Arcade games it was way after it's hay day. I saw games like Jurassic Park and House of the living dead. I got to play the old Die Hard game and some of the old awesome shooters. Makes me regret a little I wasn't around or old enough for Donkey Kong or Pac Man. It would be cool to see more contemporary games grace the medium. #1
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So many platformer games. Looks really cool though. It's nice to see a lot of games that mirror the past but are also original. #2
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That's one way to put it...perception is everything. If you're not first out of the gate or even close to first people start to ask questions. Dreamcast had a decent start but lagged with so few titles, not saying Xbox One has that issue, but perception is everything. IF they can boost sales somewhere it will be good for the long term. Saying that, I still think 3.2 million sold units or more is decent for Xbox. #2.1.1
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It is still really early in the game for who won the console war. I think it's a move to try to win back some Xbox 360 die hard fans that got turned off by the price tag, the all watching webcam and numerous other reasons. That's my take. Personally, I never liked the motion systems anyway. So it makes it a bit more appealing to me. #1.1
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Same with me. Add to the other 100 hundred games I have lined up. #1.1
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Just watched Indie Game: The Movie. It's not featured as prominently as Meat-boy or Fez but gives you a good look into the designer who made Braid. Amazing concept. #6.1
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I think it's great. Shows that he wasn't a one trick pony, a bit insane and a actually a great actor. Looking forward to him in Star Wars VII. #1.1
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I'm not sure the length will really matter. Are Indie games usually long? I'm new the genre. #3.1
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Love that they took the reversal system from baird and made it a real time travel mechanism. You can literally go back in time and manipulate the future to solve your puzzles. Never seen that before. Can't wait to play this game in a few hours. #4
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Loved loved loved Just Cause 2. Something about grappling two vehicle together. I hope this is true. #3
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Evolve has got to be my favorite update from PAX East this year. I don't think I'm alone in saying that. A lot of great indie titles too. Thanks for putting it all together for those of us who didn't go :) #1
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No, not at all. I read that it really doesn't focus on the story so much as the "building". Most of the other games are the same. I don't really think a LEGO game could ruin the series for you. :p #8
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Turtle Rock studios really impressed me with Left 4 Dead. This game looks pretty good. I don't know if it's going to revolutionize gaming lol but I can't wait to see some footage from it. #1
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It doesn't. It only covers the first two movies in the trilogy. The third one will be covered by a DLC. :) #3.1
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I only played the very first LEGO Star Wars game. I enjoyed it. Exploding your enemies and building objects to help with your objectives is a level of interactivity I hadn't experienced before. I kind of tuned out after that though. #2
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Love Left 4 Dead when it first came out. Made killing Zombies with friends a real thing and fun too. If this game is half of what that was but better I'd play it. #1
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