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I can't wait. More South Park. :)

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Love these retro reviews.

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I think it's on the way. With Resident Evil 2 getting the HD treatment at the moment it's only a matter of time. I personally agree with GrimDragon. It needs a full reboot. Probably one of my favorite RES games. Introduced me to survival horror.

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I love achievements on Steam. I don't get most of them. But it's fun to give me another few tasks to try to complete. I actually didn't know Nintendo didn't have them hah. That's insane.

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It's a classic lol.

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Love the intro! Has a Book of Mormon feel to it.

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We're going to have to come up with different levels of Indie. A lot of so called Indie games are turning into AAA titles. We need like Super Indie's and Indies. :p But yeah, this game looks intense.

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Good college try. :)

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It does seem a little bit too soon, huh? Like the paint ain't dry yet. It's a unique idea. Reagan already is a god like figure among conservatives. Why not a game character? :p

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I had the same experience. Played Shadow of the Colossus on PS3. Remastering has given me a chance to play games I never had a chance to as a kid because I didn't have the console.

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Do you believe that a game should get new content or just an HD touch up? I'm conflicted on this myself. I've run into games Res Evil 1 HD and disliked the addition of Crimson Zombies. I wanted the original game with new graphics lol.

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I like it. When they actually upgrade the graphics substantially and not just do a few polishes here or there. I recently played Resident Evil Zero HD on my computer and that was awesome. To play a game that was only on consoles with a keyboard and mouse? That was worth it to me. But it really depends on the effort put in by the studio and the quality of the product. But I do think it's lazy on the part of the studios. Instead of making a new IP or a new game in the series. I'm lookin...

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What a unique concept. It's a game, no it's a movie! Not it's a game in a movie lol. I can't wait till our favorite actors are in games and we're setting the scenes. That will be it. Literally setting scenes and playing out action sequences with Nicholas Cage :p

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Miss the days of surge. So many good nights.

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When is Resident 2 HD suppose to be coming out? I almost want that before this title.

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Awesome! Love this game. Hoping they make it a genuine co-op game with Billy and Rebecca. :)

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Makes we want a ps4. Hope it comes to pc.

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I wouldn't mind it as a Game + feature. I just don't want it rebuilt as a co-op game. Resident Evil Zero on the other hand would make a great co-op.

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I loved the story. Even though it was simple. Survival horror was more about the exploration and the creepy and ever present feeling of danger. I think if they gave it just a bit more depth it wouldn't hurt. But if I could have the same game in 1080p without Crimsom Zombies or other gimmicks I'll be happy.

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What a simple concept and design but beautiful. Reminds me a little of what ICO does with their games. You take something so simple and make it an experience.

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