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"Also 2 Exclusive Modern Warfare 2 map packs"

if i remember correctly they said the first 2 map packs would release first on the 360. so that means its only a timed exclusive.


btw whatever happened to wardevil?

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they made a mistake by hyping this as the definitive racing game of this generation. theres nothing wrong with hyping your game, but to go as far as saying that. people will expect nothing short of perfection.

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i really dont want games using full motion control. i mean how would you play bioshock without a controller. how would you shoot or even move. the bottom line is that you will need a controller to play certain games. but thats just me. im not a fan of using motion controls cause sometimes i just want to sit on a couch and play my games.

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seems like the best way to make easy money this generation is to announce a ps3 exclusive and wait for microsoft to bring out their cheque book. i wouldnt be surprised if microsoft manages to bring Agent to the 360.

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plz spare me one. my psn is airheadluffy

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as long as they bring back the mp5 im good.

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they sure are taking their time

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the AI isnt broken. the only problem with it is just they dont move fast. if you watch the video if they see they will do something but he just ran at them so because they didnt move fast they got knifed. he said this is an excellent way of getting killed in later levels though. he almost got killed a couple times too.

to me the AI is like CoD. I ran through the first level of [email protected] knifing, but i did die a couple of times.

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he did say that this will get you killed in the later levels. he also died in the last part. from what ive seen the AI is pretty good. they just dont move fast so he just ran at them and knifed them.

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they didnt even mention the soulja boy game. thats just wrong that game is supposed to be one of the best games coming out in 2009.

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theres a soulja boy game thats supposed to be released exclusively for the 360 in 2009. soulja boy confirmed it himself.

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you forgot to mention the soulja boy game.

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i hope youre being sarcastic cause this game looks mediocre. there are some parts that look good but the rest are meh. the devs still have time to improve though.

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well it really depends on the pc youre using. from those pics they look about the same. hey at least you can say that killzone 2 has the most realistic looking weapons.

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that was very disappointing and very short. i think it looks just as good as gears. its not as jaw-dropping as people hyped it up to be. ive seen games that look better, but there is still time for the devs to improve it.

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ill take this with a grain of salt. i dont think this is a reliable site.

just look at this:

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i was about to believe it until they started talking about time traveling. it was a funny read.

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i think optimus prime is an autobot. he fights decepticons.

you do understand that what that guy said was just an opinion and not a fact. you cant say that its a fact that a game is good, average, or bad.

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its not like what happened to FFVII. that game went exclusive to another console while FFXII went multiplatform. yes some fanboys did get hurt, but i think most were outraged and/or shocked.

frankly, i could care less what happens to an rpg game unless its an action-rpg.

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i dont think its the 360's fault that square is making mediocre games. its SE's fault that their games suck. its making me think that they dont care if their games are good anymore. i guess when your greed gets the best of you, you dont care about quality anymore as long as you get money.

btw if those games would be released on the ps3, it wont change the fact that theyre not good. i mean its no like they're gonna change the game on the PS3

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