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does it take 2 hrs to install games on ps4 also... omfg ive wasted more time installing games this year then playing it seems

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if destiny was xbox exclusive sony would b done allready.. xbox is were the top shooters play... so once rainbow drops i top shooter then ull see xbox sales catch up

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game is broke 2 months later i mean wtf u cant play a one v one with a friend it allways says 2k servers down .. lately u try an meet ur friends in the park u never find them .. u have to make a league to play against ur friends for get team up gettin 5 friends an goin to play other teams that doesnt work either i could go on an on but i dont play the game i put it in once a week to see if its fixed then i go back to fifa 60 bucks down the tube

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the upload studio is sweet i wish u could rate the clips and leave comments but im sure these will come down the road... the system has so much potential cant wait for spring titanfall should be a blast to edit videos

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price wont really matter in long run its jus a intial launch shock.. before u know it xbox will be 50 bucks more like ps3 was to xbox 360... u dont win a war in a week or first year.. its a monkey see monkey do kinda world an when friends family come over an see people sayin xbox watch hbo or skypin afriend on the 60 inch tv more an more people are gonna flock towards xbox ps4 jus plays games thats great an console is more powerful but its not next gen its the same old gen jus beefed up sam...

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i much rather them rush out the console shorting things then can easily patch then the rrod of last gen so im good

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no matter what anyone says or which one sells more both consoles are kickin ass bigtime!!! wow

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alot of these videos are crap like the guy cant do the update cause probably there was 500k downloading it at same time so the xbone is broke cmon but the bad disk drive i mean not like its new technology

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fifa 14 s a great game cant wait to play on xbox one hopin all my stats transfer over bein im top 20 midfielder

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dont get me wrong kinect would be nice as a bonus feature if it didnt bring up the price of the console or delay the console in other regions .. there not ready for this launch i got funny feeling i jus pray i dont buy the one that breaks in a month

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its amazing that microsoft will allow this freakin kinect that no one really wants to just stand in the way of not only them making more money an competiting next gen with sony but its jus unecessary i mean it doesnt help gameplay that much if at all thats why were buyin a gaming console ive yet to see or play any games for it that i would buy an the games that support the voice side of it u have a headset why do u need the kinect at all... the betting so much on this kinect that it will be...

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i think the people in the countries at launch deserve a free game for preordering an now bein told they got set back now bein they have not even givin a launch date 2 months or so ahead of launch if theconsole gets pushed back here were with all the back tracking and 180s it jus might then usa will get a free game too id rather have the console at launch then a free game anyday

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killer instinct is free to play so its not like ur gettin nothing an im sure ur gonna see more free to play down the road its inevitable

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u would think places like game stop or best buy would have ps4 an xbox ones u could try out the controller the system before placing 500 or more including games etc on a console...

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i waited inline for 360 cause the place i preordered from pushed me back 2 weeks .. let me tell u the walmart i waited at when i left at 1 am or so they didnt even give me a bag didnt have one big enough def was shady walkin out with a xbox i was waiting to get robbed for sure got lucky

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word!!! an i hear we might even get it early from amazon like the night of launch from amazon

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WHY? would u sit out there for 11 hrs wakin up at 10 am the next day walkin in grabbing it an walkin right out is such a better deal even jsu showin up at like 1 am at gamestop isnt bad lines will be down by then for sure

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there would definetly be fights its like the kid that talks shit on xbox live is now standing infront of u talkin shit.. u cant tell me u never wanted to reach through ur tv an choke a bitch before

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there would be so much shit talkin between lines say the had one line for ps4 one for xbox 1 there would definetly be some fights breakin out for sure

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i would jus launch on nov 15th right along side sony if ur not gonna launch before them then why not with them

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