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Exactly at least one person agrees..

Just look autocad... The person is going to be disappointed if it's not shenmue, why would you set your self up to disappoint anyone that is remotely interested in your product.. In gaming you can never please everyone, that's a fact but they can stop setting ppl up for disappointment.

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Typical Sony fanatic butt hole... Yea I know what it's called, but I guess some how I'm entitled because after spending all that money on it I should have known I was going to get a screen like that..

I actually have a job and a life out side of gaming sorry I don't know everything, prick...



Typical " bubut I own it all" response..

I don&#...

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What I picture of the cloud is different... And I can ver we'll be completely wrong as I'm absolutely no professional on this tech. But hear me out and call me out if you think other wise...

Cloud has been talked more about with rendering meaning doing the calculation for the falling debris from a falling building or ai, stuff like that.. Now if the gou or CPU , what ever it is that would have had to do those calculation, no longer has to do those calcs. Wouldn't ...

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Don't they have like the best internet service? Or is it china?

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That's how I felt at first then I found my self wondering where I left my vita, catch my drift? Not saying that you won't or shouldn't enjoy it... I just expected a lot more ..

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Even after this article I still feel it was a waste of money! I got it like 3 or 4 months after launch but at least I got the better screen quality! Even though I got some ugly extra dark stuff going on in the screen that's usually noticeable during load time and dark and great areas. It's weird it's like the screen was bleeding at some point then dried out and left a permanent mark.

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Sounds good and all but isn't oled what Sony dropped from the vita? Now all the sudden it's good again?

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Ps4 doesn't need a slim yet! Ms is the one that needs a whole new redesign !

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I'm done with all the hype train from both Sony and ms... Always say the same shit and barely deliver...

They should both do me a favor and shut the hell up until that day comes cause all they do is set them selves up for failure each and every time.. Just my opinion

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Please.... Sony gave up on vita like it did psp and go... I will never ever buy another Sony handheld!

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IMO and I don't mean to offend the young kids but if you still look at things like vr and voice control as a "dork factor" then you are nothing more thae a child that worries more about what other ppl think of you rather than enjoying the product as long it's enjoyable..

So in my case... Bring on all the dork factors! I own my own house and make my rules you try and make fun of me in a negative way in my home, out you go! It's that simple...

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Kinect has massive potential in my opinion sadly ms dropped the ball so I don't think kinect will reach its full potential considering ms unbundled the kinect. That idiot that was steering the boat before Phil needed to go a long time ago or simply never have had that position.

One thing I will never understand is console launches.... How can you have first party studios dedicated to your consoles/console and not have that truly killer next gen game day one? How can you c...

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I kind of gave up on my vita too... I doubt I will ever buy another Sony handheld..

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It just means that the ps4 sold slightly better the month before... Considering that now you can get a xb1 for 399 I would hope they get a positive compared to the month before...

You post is what's sad.. I stopped reading at " insanely far behind"

I wonder what digitalraptor has to say about this! Lol

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"Scewing them out of all recognition"

Kind of like how you Sony fanatics act when it comes down to resolution? How all you have bionic eyes and can count the extra billion pixels and the games look soooo much better that it's unbelievable?

Stop pretending like you don't see all the " it's too late" comments and opinion articles...

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Sounds like Sony has very bad marketing going on so now it's Sony and it's fanatics that are the special bunch..

"Play station tv" and it has nothing to do with "tv" ya Sony ya!

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Isn't the xb1 already dead according the Sony fanatics?

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They are a special bunch aren't they! Lol

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