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That is only 2 years away!

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Why not create the PS4 with dual ARM Cortex A9 quadcore processors. and dual quadcore GPUs?

Then game development would be very easy on both the NGP and the PS4!

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This is the one! This machine will rule all...

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I want my code
Please sony! Give me my code! I am so loyal! I am a plus member also!
Please sony! Please give me my Killzone 3 beta code!

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Windows Me anyone?

XBOX 360 HD-DVD add one anyone?

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Why come they could not have come out with an updated slimmer Xbox 360 with a bluray drive and 45nm chipset and priced less than $300 within the last 5 years? Uh right that is a PS3 Slim...and sony did it in less than 3 years...

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It would be awesome to get a beta key for this MMO!

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Watch the youtube videos...the buttons are placed awesomely...

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The PSN is so awesome rightnow and oh so free...who needs a demo for any of the awesome pixel junk games?

This one you will have to get on day one!

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The PS3 hate is still out there?

Infinity ward is the problem folks...lets get real..

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Microsoft will play it safe and give the Xbox 360 another 2 to 3 years...Sony is already working on the PS4...and can drop it out of the hatch anytime...they will let microsoft go first...but we all know nintendo will go first...they have to...since their hardware is the oldest and weakest...

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It was a no brainer since i can rent blurays and stream...something not totally possible on the old Xbox 360..i am gonna sell the xbox 360 and wii now....i got two PS3s and there is no good to play on the other systems...

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That is 1 million PS3 slims sold in one day when that is released. Plus you can always import that game and play it in the states...

Microsoft is done this holiday season...

What true exclusives do they have coming out this Xmas? Mass Effect 2 is not an exclusive its also on the PC....Oh that forenza driving game....thats about it....but will that sell 5 million copies?

I wish microsoft least they got Windows 7....

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They frakked it up on so many levels!

No dedicated servers
Same resolution as the last game on the consoles
Higher Price for the game...

What else is frakked in this game?

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But I got 2 PS3s...A original FAT and the brand new slim!

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I got my copy at a HEB Plus store!

This game rules!

I just got uncharted 2, yesterday...but have not played it yet...because demon souls and the MAG beta got all my PS3 time!

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This is just to kill the buzz of this awesome game.

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This is like the only website that is giving this game low scores...anybody who has played this game for real knows it is awesome and fun!

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It is so quiet! You can not hear the fan! It stays completely cool to the touch!. The bottons light up on the front! It is a solid piece of technology. It is well worth the $299 price or the $255 price if you got one off of when they had them on sale...

I have been play MAG on it when I can. MAG is so awesome!

The PS3 slim is the console to get! I already folded over 60 work units in [email protected] (life with playstation) with no issues.

The wii m...

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They will beat to market both Nintendo and Microsoft...and if they price it way less than $75 for the new $49.99....they they have a winner.

Natal is like late 2010 or mid remember it is from the hardware is gonna have problems at first.

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