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I've been enjoying Remnant Knights since it switched to browser. Not sure about the harlem shake stuff, though. #1
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Even if they delay the start of it until the season begins, someone is still going to win an hour or so once it starts, and we won't find out for several months. #1
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Looks like we're not quite out of the "People constantly being laid off from publishers/developers" woods yet, unfortunately.

Although, to be fair, getting rid of the studio responsible for BMX XXX and GH: Van Halen isn't exactly a huge loss in my book. Sad for the people looking for work; not so sad for the industry. #2
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I don't mind if people use it like this. I hate when celebrities/popular people use it primarily to preach about what they're doing. But talking directly with players seconds after info on a game is revealed? That's a neat use. #1.1
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I'm still worried it might Cloverfield on us, and end up being way better BEFORE it comes out because of the way they're handling the information flow and marketing of it. #1.1
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Grinding is the only aspect of any Korean-based MMO that will never be Westernized, sadly :( #1.1
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It's a good list, but doing in alphabetical order seems like a bit of a cop out IMO. Sure anyone could argue their own ranking(s), but half the fun of lists is debating why stuff was ranked/not ranked a certain way! #11
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Who WOULDN'T want to eat a squig, though! #1.1
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I know. On one hand, Runewaker is a really, really big studio now and Runes of Magic: Chapter 2 makes me think a new game by them is going to be awesome.

On the other, it's a 4 year wait. #1.1
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Surprisingly, there's a good number of players who pay substantially more than the 15/mo for microtransaction games. With one as popular and hardcore-played as MapleStory, I'm not surprised they keep posting a profit. As long as people are addicted to it, they'll keep forking over cash for any-and-all advantages. #2.1
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And the classes I'm happiest grouping with are usually the healer/priest ones :) #1.1
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Sounds like a scout/rogue class in every other MMO to me. Backstabs, dual blades, hiding... #1.1
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That's not really the only reason most people play MMOs. A lot of people play it just to play the game with other people. In one like WAR where there can be constant PVP, playing for free would be no different than playing an FPS or something. Login, end up in a random server, kill some guys, call it a day.

They'd have to tweak it, obviously. But we all know this would never happen, so it's more of a "what if..." scenario than anything =P #1.2
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It sort of makes sense to me. They can play for free, but they don't really get to pick WHERE. Wherever there's an imbalanced population, they get there. Want to stick on the same server with friends? You subscribe. #2.1
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They usually take positive steps but they're just so small. Last year I got bored of Madden in maybe two weeks. Hopefully this year the magic comes back :) #1.1
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Believe it or not, it's actually slightly under the average amount a company makes off of a paying customer in a microtransaction F2P game.

Of course, like all F2P games, I'm sure there are a few people who heavily skew it. For example, in "Titan Online" (which isn't even great) there are a couple users in Korea who have spent over $1,000 in multiple months buying stuff. #1.1
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I think the other issue is that having so many voices seems like it will really restrict the progression of the game, making it more linear than a lot of MMOs, and feel more single-player oriented. LotRO has a huge empahsis on story and dialogue compared to most, and it's probably one of the most anti-social MMOs on the market. #9.1
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What I'd like to know is whether or not there's an option to download the voices in a digital version (which I'm sure they'll release at some point, if not at launch). Just imagining how much space a fully voiced MMO would take for audio files makes bandwidth limits throughout the world cringe in fear. #8
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A Carmack prediction is like a rooster. Start off every morning with one, then after a few seconds I just wish it would stop making so much noise all the time. #55
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I for one anticipated a classic that would forever set the tone for all Drug Wars games to follow.

Oh well. #1.1
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