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Many great games this month, Tales of Xilla, Dragon's Crown, Pkimin 3 and Splinter cell: Black List are my picks this month.

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I have DMC1 HD footage on the site. The quality of the footage isn't of very high quality, my capture device sucks and it can't capture 60 Hz games such as DMC HD properly. Anyway if you want to check the footage follow the link below

In the near future, I will buy a better capture device to...

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the game doesn't have co-op mode but it has online features. There is a feature called 'Rim Crystals'. You can lend out your Pawn to a 100 players, if you want. You get Rim Crystals for lending out your Pawn, which can be used to buy more powerful items.

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good article.

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Yeah, I can't wait to see the raging asura fight Ryu, it will be hilarious.

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CD Projekt is really delivering something special with the Enhanced Edition.

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PSV is a great device. With enough support from first and third party studious, it will be a huge success.

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yes, it's hard to not hype it up. Psychonauts is one of my favorites games of last gen. But we need to keep our expectations reasonable.

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I agree that the great thing about Street Fighter is learning your main character pros and cons and his/her match up against the other characters in the game. But I think there is some ideas that could work in customizing your character in a fighting game. Like in western RPGs, you can select your character specialty , perks and other things, in street fighter you can choose a perk where your hadoken do more damage where other player make his Ryu do more damage with his shoryokens. But they ...

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I agree. But the community manager said that they don't want to just port the game, if they want to make a Wiiu version it should make use of the unique features (controller) of the console.

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16 pixels not 12. Anyway PC version is going to be the best. Everyone with a capable pc should buy the PC version.

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From the article" First off, let me just say, I like fighting games. I really do. I just find the Street Fighter franchise to be boring as hell. I mean, do we really need 5 iterations of the same game with a few game balances? No, we don’t. Make the game right the first time. If you did, you wouldn’t have to make another one, Capcom. We’d all still be playing the original Street Fighter. You have 6 different attack buttons that have a big margin of what damage it causes and how much dama...

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Street fighter sucks!!! loool what a joke. I was playing Super Street Fighter 4 everyday until arcade edition got released and I play it everyday online, it's one of the best games ever. The fighting engine in Street fighter games is unmatched. Street Fighter games demand practice and dedication. Don't criticize or bash the game just because you suck at playing it.

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Can't wait to play Mass Effect 3. Too bad the game pushed back to 2012. But at the same time, I think the game will benefit from the delay. The game will be more polished I hope.

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2011 is the year of great RPGs. I think a RPG will take GOTY 2011. Most likely Skyrim. But both of the Witcher 2 and Dark Souls have a shot to win GOTY2011.

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Final Fantasy X is one of the best games I have ever played.

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@ NukaCola: Games get banned in Saudi Arabia and UAE most of the time. I live in Jordan and in my country never ever a game was banned.

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Who told you that Bulletstorm is banned in most Arabic countries? Also we always get the games (legal not pirated) days earlier than the official release of the game.

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Should every game have a multiplayer? No. I played Bayonetta for over 60 hours and I'm not tired of it. Platinum games create the most enjoyable games and I'm pretty sure that Vanquish will have a high replay value.

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You are wrong. The author wanted you to skip to 1:30 because those visuals looked similar to Uncharted 2 colorful visuals. If you watched the whole video you will see that the game look stunning in almost all areas.

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