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Great review.

Dynasty Warriors 8 is the best in the series on PS3.

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Agree, this review is terrible. Whilst others have given the review and game some thought (hence the higher scores for 8) this site has done none of that.

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Good score for a Dynasty Warriors game.

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So if the PS4 version has superior wind and wave simulation, does that mean the Xbox version will have superior cloud simulation.......

I'll get my coat...

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This is clearly Halo going multiplatform....

Wait... What!

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This is the game that made me buy a Vita. I can't wait for the overseas release enough.

Until then i have all the PS Plus vita games to get through starting with Ninja Gaiden first.

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Dude, it's a joke. It's not even my joke.

Of course Ken was a genius. Just look at his history. No one has such a great history as Ken.

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Taken from Neogaf. Credit to guch 20:

Ken Kutaragi sat alone in his luxurious office, feet propped on his massive oak desk, and sipped Henri IV Dudognon Heritage cognac from a fine etched crystal snifter. He had put in a long day of fucking up Sony's PR campaign for their new PlayStation 3 console, and he deserved a break. The building was mostly empty, save for some janitors and a few kiss-asses putting in extra hours in a vain attempt to be noticed when an executive pos...

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What did you expect, it's a game about protecting a little girl being released and sold in Japan....

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But have you seen Titan Fall?

-Major Nelson

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It's been announced so far to launch in 2013 in the USA, Europe, Middle East, India & Brazil.

Expect a Japan release announcement for this year at the Sony event just before TGS.

It seems Sony really is on track for a worldwide launch this year.

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Nope, LA Noire was something different.

It was announced rockstar north were working on a PS3 exclusive back in 2007. It was confirmed in 2009 that Agent was that game.

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Ah Agent. I remember when you were announced back in 2007 as an untitled exclusive PS3 game made by Rockstar North. In 2009 the game was given a title and then my hype levels went through the roof.

Such a shame the game isn't out yet. I thought the concept sounded really interesting.

Ah well :(

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Try reading it again ;)

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Nope, won't happen. But after yesterdays announcement i can safely say that Xbox pre orders will be up despite the high price.

But PS4 will outsell it pretty much everywhere.

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I don't know why it was dropped Bzone24. I'm just reporting the facts. Please don't insult me and say i can't think for myself.

Do you really think publishers would have let microsoft get away with people sharing their games with 10 other people? You can't do that on the Xbox 360 or PS3. Hardly a trade off when it's a system you can exploit wide open. There was always bound to be some kind of catch and we finally have evidence that the family sharing ...

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It's been confirmed that the family sharing was more like a glorified demo. Basically you buy the game at $60. Get home and install it. Add the game to your library.

Any one of your 10 friends can check it out by going to you library and downloading it. However, here is the catch MS never told anyone, you can only play the game for 60 minutes. After that time you get redirected to the Xbox marketplace to download the full version at RRP.

So MS even misled...

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Well i wouldn't be surprised after reading that the same company is opening an Xbox exclusive store....

Money talks...

It's clear that in the UK GAME will be the retail partner who can trade in used games with the Xbox. This really explains that GAME is on Microsofts payroll, especially with all the...

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If they're starting production now i really wouldn't be surprised if they hit 8m by march 31st. (produced, not sold to customers)

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I'd say more around 5-6m with at least 8-9m by march 31st 2014.

If my estimate comes true that's going to be Sony's biggest launch yet which is amazing.

PS2 sold 10.6m in it's first year. PS4 might sell 10m in it's first 6/7 months.

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