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Nice try, EA advertisers

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@Lord: Simon is Trevor's son

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Not in a million years. Confirmed by producer to be 2013 at the earliest

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Actually, if you look closely that Alucard looks EXACTLY like Trevor Belmont in Mirror of Fate, only white haired, so there's the possibility that Trevor (confirmed Gabriel's son while human) becomes Alucard.

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OMFG Alucard!

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It is a 2.5D SOTN style Castlevania, isn't that close enough? ;)

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Ehm, yes it is? Just like the first Lords of Shadow

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Approve this one, please,
It's regarding to the 3DS sequel. new images of Trevor AND Simon. Also, Screenshots!

You're all gonna love it.

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If it looks as good as the first game, and plays as good as is shaping up to be the 3DS game (Scans in pending news here !) I'm gonna die of joy.

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It's 3d models walking in a single direction, think, Shinobi, or Super Mario 3D land

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Welcome back Simon, we've been missing you :)

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Whenever I see that header image I cringe; that's a BETA image that is completely different to the in-game appareance of that scene
Still.. So excited!

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And the gaming Gods are listening to our plegaries

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(I don't agree, but very funny)

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Believe me, they are not like that because they "want it" it's a matter of instincts, and some are dofferent to others.

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Because it's so forced

And OMG save our children from love between two people (same sex or not), better expose them to the glorification of weapons!

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Ehmm.. no??? The game sold 3M+ copies.

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Or they could get other great writer, other great voice actors and other great screenwriters. Just sayin'!

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From militaty modern ones? To death.

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