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Just ask your parents.

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I'm sure they'll be made as overpriced DLC later for $8 per character.

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Don't really like the direction this game is going in but it still beats the hell out of RE6.

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Looks like all characters will have at least 3 alternate outfits and at least 2 or 3 color swaps.

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Nobody in their right mind bought this on the 360 anyways so it won't matter if it's canceled there.

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Nope the best fighting game this gen (aside from the upcoming Playstation All-Stars) would be Mortal Kombat as it finally came back into the 2D game that people had wanted, had a perfect story mode (great balance between cutscenes and fights), and tons of other extra features (mini-games, unlockables, etc).

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Less than I would have to pay for my internet + a subscription to XBL.

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So now you're paying $60 a year for ads AND censorship.

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Cool. Now use it on a game that doesn't suck.

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Super Smash Brothers? Wow, looks like Nintendo is planning on copying Playstation All-Stars.

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Yeah, the "it was intentional" excuse when they see something bad in a game. I've heard it before.

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It's only badly balanced if you don't know how to play it. It's noob accessible but not noob friendly. As for Persona I'm sure it'll just be like those bland Blazblue games and will have DLC characters for $8 a piece along with a lot more overpriced DLC. Maybe they should go the Capcom route and put it on the disc so it's cheaper.

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Sounds like they need to release a Timesplitters HD Collection first then.

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Actually, Uncharted 2 is the best console game this gen. They couldn't hold all of their GOTY awards they got for that game.

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Classic controls meaning support for an arcade stick or classic controls meaning not motion controls? I would rather use the arcade stick for fighting games.

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How could you not see this coming? It will likely be at next year's EVO.

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Deadly Premonition was garbage and not even close to Shenmue. The only Shenmue substitute around right now are the Yakuza games.

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That's so gay.

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So this blog site couldn't wait one more day to actually tell people something? Instead they rush out an article of an announcement about something that will be announced instead to try and get hits to their already dying site.

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Killzone 2 & 3 does it better (especially Killzone 3).

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