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well to be fair, they have been working on it for years, not months. #2.1
it took them many months too make this dlc? they literally changed four things. I expect a new post-game dlc release soon. and you can bet they'll charge for this one. #3
... i personally think that by the way it's worded, that the hackers(maybe not even hackers, just people who know flash cards) said that they could make the flash cards, and somewhere down the trickle of info, someone assumed they'd be able to crack it... just a theory. for whether it's going to be cracked, of course it will, every gaming console has so far, not even to mention the incentive from hacking basically a 3d screen and 3d camera... look how fast... #27
... what article were you reading?

as a fellow 360-only owner I respectfully say, Get the fuck back in the 360 section #10.2
seriously, halfway through it, I forgot I was watching screenshots....

in times like these, not having a ps3 make me want to slap a nun #7.1
no way in gaming hell would they go out of buisness. they are leagues ahead of the competition. While most gamers don't like it because of it's capabilities, the casual market has adopted it. And it's not a bad system, sure it's like your playing a last gen game with a wiggle feature, but if I had all the good games on the wii, my 360 would decompose (as much as I wish upon that star, a ps3 won't appear on my doorstep). The worst that could happen is that the wii2 is a flo... #20 realize that the ds does things a hella lot better than tetris (capability wise) that the itouch cannot touch (haha, accidental pun). If itouch games got as good as ds games, they'd be just as expensive, 'cause they'd cost as much to make #13.1
it has a ninja you can play as too, you play as more characters than meat boy, heck if you saw all the stuff on this game it's pretty interesting... i might buy it... but then again, i am a cheap ass #5.2
those two edition exclusive cities
look like the same city with a different skin #6
he's always parading about in the night with little boys, sooo....

jk, as proved in the dark knight, he is a total bad ass... as long as robin's out of the picture #30.2
way back when
that was before they were well known... now if they release it and advertize they way they do their other products, they'll make a killing #2.2
it's not bad... but not a horror
it's a thriller (that's how it's advertised and that's how it is) the reason it's great isn't cause it's scary ('cause we all know it isn't... but it'll still spook my gf) it's because of the rich and detailed storyline that i've seen as par to none (except red dead redemption, my god that game's orgasmic, but even then the story itself isn't as detailed and nurtured as alan wake(but i still think red dead's better)) if you're co... #3.3.1
hell no
i love xbox (and it's the only console i have) but we can't keep such a masterpiece to ourselves... of course we may all be dead and gone by the time it's released, but i'm sure our great-great-great-grandchildre n will start a new religion worshiping it upon it's release at which time they will be persecuted by worshippers of duke nukem forever (which still hadn't been released yet, they just got the demo) and force a second holocaust killing thousands of square enix... #2.2
oh crap, we're all going to hell
where's the ticket booth? #8.1
this is
activision's response to rocksteady's archam asylum #3
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