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Mass effect1 is my favorite game this gen so far and i have high hopes for the sequel. If it has alien sex then thats even better.

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Wouldn't say to no.

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Dont see the point of a browser on there. If your online chances are you have a pc and its easier using that. Bit pointless really. I haven't used the browser on my Ps3 once.

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Looks like they have nicked the Fallout3 combat system. Looks ok so far.

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Yeah.. good news.

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More of the same i should imagine. Great if you like the last one but won't win many new fans.

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This is a TECH DEMO used at the GDC to show how level design is devised. All the graphical bells and whistles have yet to be added. Anyone who has played Mass Effect1 will know that it is not only a great game but graphically very good also. Character facial animation is still up the with the very best.
Maybe you should take notice next time before you comment as its obvious its not finished.

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I agree. I still play halo3 regularly having it from launch and im still finding new things to do.
Even after playing the campaign numerous times in solo and co-op i still find different ways of tackling the levels and the multiplayer just keeps on giving.
It may not have the best graphics (although looking now the texture work is actually very good.. have a look) but it has gameplay and great design in bucket loads.
For my money still the most complete and enjoyable fps ...

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This looks very good indeed. I like the first one although there was too much shooting rather than adventuring for my liking but i have high hopes for the sequel. Graphically stunning.

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Would like to have seen more. This vid is a bit dull.

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Really looking forward to this game it sounds incredible.

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I love my xbox and think Microsoft are doing a good job in the console market but... Everytime i see this guys big sweaty face i just want to punch it. He just makes my blood boil. Come back Peter Moore everything is forgiven.

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Loved Mass effect. Best game i have played yet this gen and ive played just about all the ones worth mentioning.

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Lol yeah i'll have a cookie. Yeah there bout even, just nit picking. Either way resi is selling well which is good. And i have to give it to the Ps3 on this one.

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xbox street fighter is actually 14,000 ahead and gaining. just checked. Not a lot i know.. just saying.

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Maybe we should wait for the weeks worldwide sales data before declaring a winner. Look what happened to the new street fighter. Sold more on Ps3 day one then over the next few weeks the 360 took the lead.
Resi on the ps3 got a head start because of the much bigger install base in japan last week. After a few days of western sales i feel it will even out, perhaps in the xbox's favour.

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Going way back... knight Lore on the Zx spectrum. when i first saw that i was blown away. It seemed impossible for the computer to be running it. ultimate play the game really upped the software for that machine.
Skip some years and it was the first tombraider that amazed me with its huge 3d enviorments. After that probably the first Halo game followed by gears.

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chances are Forza3, mass effect2 and alan wake are coming this year. Add ODST to that list and you have 4 huge games coming for the 360.. For Ps3 you could say uncharted2 and GOW3 are there biggest. Neither have anything to worry about.

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Good number although i actually expected more than this day one after all the hype.
Either way good sales for a good game.

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I remember just before Halo3 came out and there was talk of over 5million pre-orders for day one. It sold just over 3million so i wouldn't read to much into pre-order numbers.

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