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I wish this was better. It has solid concepts

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Yeah, it's pretty damn good. My only complaint is the weak story

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I don't think the concern is originality, but the fact that the game is silently releasedright behind major releases. Hell, it's almost releasing in competition to Wildlands as well. I'm pretty sure the writer is saying that people will sit down and play this a bit and then find something else to play, fortunately he's also hoping they expand the game a bit and people have something exciting to come back to.

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Went to the Lucidsound site to check the price and it says it is bogo. Noice.

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This is a great game, it's too bad it isn't getting a proper rerelease and new owners have to look into private sellers.

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You've commented quite a bit while being insulting to the writer. Maybe you should look in the mirror before bothering to get confrontational on someone else's opinion?

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Hey, maybe people will be playing online again

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They make sure you ain't booty

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The good news is that we are now noticing this.

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I agree. Rockband just reached for low hanging fruit while GHL made changes to the norm. I'd rather have had an Amplitude with better gameplay and licensed music.

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It's just a fresh and unique experience! I agree. It's pretty cool

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I've never seen a weirder story in the video game industry. This is pants-on-head crazy!

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Well, I guess there's always Fnatic and Origen?

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This wasn't as bad as I expected
Fair score.

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Close call!

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As soon at they started touting 3 separate genres in 1 game, I had red flags waving. Now they are at 5 and a majority of the year's coverage has been saying that they are in trouble.

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It's a sad story because the gamers that put money into this don't deserve this

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I agree but the feature creep on this has been insane. I could see this be the next Duke Nukem Forever

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This game is pretty good. Has an indie made this big of a splash before?

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