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Im downloading 52gbs of free games now, so yeah your 60gb hdd has no chance lol

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You keep saying $60 a month, you do know its a year not every month

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I must be really lucky, i`ve never had any problems with skyrim(35hrs) or fallout 3(100hrs+ PS3 & 100hrs+ PC), apart from a few small issues on PC but i had aload of mods installed so that probably didnt help.

New vegas did crash a few times for me though but it auto saves all the time so it didnt really bother me.

Im not denying other people having problems but they need to stop complaining so much and have more saves, if you only have 1 save your asking...

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Same here but on PS3 and i haven`t patched it once. Guess its just luck if you have issues or not.

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Make sure you change the controls to original or the plane wont handle right.(since when can a jet fighter not roll/flip lol)

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I reckon its easier than demons souls, you can take alot more hits. but im only at the 3rd boss so hopefully it gets harder later on.

Listen to FunAndGun to get past the dragon.

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Dam that guy talks fast, did anyone catch what he was saying? i think he said something about a ring lol

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Jak & daxter should be on that easily.
I would say R&C aswell but thats more than a trilogy, like most of the stuff on that list lol

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What the hell are you on about sub. Uncharted is an amazing game, it has one of the best singleplayer experiences this Gen.
And im not a so called "movie watcher", Demons souls(also got platinum on it) is one of my favourite games of all time and im looking forward to dark souls just as much as im looking forard to uncharted 3.

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wait till it gets closer to release, all the supermarkets have a price war, they do it to every COD game, only reason i buy them lol

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Not as much as september and october lol
september £140
resistance 3 £40
dead island £40
god of war collection £30
ico collection £30

october £320
dark souls £40
twisted metal £40
rage £40
ace combat £40
dead rising 2 off the record £40
ratchet and clank £40
batman arkham city £40
battlefield 3 £40

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No its not, it just got released on 360 1st.
I got it on PC its really good, i spent hours after i completed each level just messing around with the map.

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Its abit bright, i hope it doesnt lose the feel of demons souls

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I tested just after and got 52mb but already posted so left the slower one on.

wow just tested and got 68mb, highest i`ve seen my speed, normally about 45-55mb

Anyone in england looking for a good ISP you need to go with BT they are the best by far, virgin media lie and say they're better than BT, i was with them before and got about 1mb(lo...

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upload was abit slower than usual

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3 hours!! What the hell do you call good internet?
Will take me about 10 minutes top.

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My Demons souls Platinum says hi, cant wait for this game.

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Really? Thats funny i watched the guy play the E3 demo there from, screens 2 4 6 7 14 & maybe 5 are in-game the rest are cutscenes but cutscenes in uncharted are the same as gameplay anyway.

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yeah it will work. its what i did with lbp, got free download from ps+

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The patch said DLC so its probably just getting ready for some DLC (common sense people)

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