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Microsoft may have been including on-demand rented servers from the likes of Amazon, in case they are needed to meet the demand.

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And I'm still playing Space War!

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BTW, this is one of the only games for which I've gotten a platinum trophy - so I've encountered all the story and side-quest content. I haven't purchased the DLC, however.

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I got the game on PS3 at release and had few issues (none significant), even after 200 hours of gaming - all of which was spent the first few months after release.

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The operative word is "taste". The novel aspect of the new console will be tubes you stick in your mouth, so you can get a "real TASTE" of what you are playing...

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Actually, the way this is written, Sony COULD add trophies to Valkyria Chronicles without any effort on SEGA's part, if they wanted (assuming their licensing agreement with the developer allows for it, of course). They could play the game, note where the disk is accessed when certain levels are loaded or videos are played (these sorts of things almost always come from the disk media), and then have a thread in the OS look for these accesses and award whatever trophy they see fit. Even if ...

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There are currently about 1 billion PCs in the world. How many of these currently out-power the PS4? How long will it take for "most PCs" to out-power the PS4? Wouldn't you say it will be many years to come?...

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The developer can rent servers from Amazon or Google to balance the load if they have unexpected demand. They can gradually replace the rented servers with their own, if continued demand warrants it. After the heavy demand, they just stop using/renting the external servers. After a big patch, they can always spin them back up if demand spikes again.

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Yeah, it is quite large - not to mention possibly overly-optimistic - especially considering Sony will only have about 4 months to ship that many, and it usually takes a year before sales really start taking off.

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Alternate translation:

There WILL be a better version for next-gen consoles, but it won't stop most people from getting it on current gen consoles - which means we will be able to make more money on this game due to people re-purchasing the game when they get their new machines. We are timing this release to get the biggest conversion rate possible.

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"Total War" has all of the listed games in the article beat - and you don't need to make multiple purchases to make that claim (Pokemon). Take Medieval 2, for example. I played the short campaigns of three nations to completion, directing every battle. I think each campaign took me about 70-100 hours, apiece. The long campaigns would probably take at least twice (and possibly 3-4 times) as long, and there are something like 20 playable nations. So the total play time could be as...

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I stopped scanning the article when I saw, "On paper both systems are capable of 3.2TFlops of data". REALLY? Translate those last three words of nonsense - "Trillion Floating Point Operations of Data"... That's like saying you picked a herd of asparagus.

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There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't.

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Unless the Power PC processor has several threads per core, versus the two for the ones in the PS3 and the 360, the clock difference and the fact that it is the same basic architecture means the CPU is almost certainly inferior to current gen consoles.

Sure, some tasks can be pushed off to the CPU, but branchy game logic is not a good choice for that, and it would actually run slower - not to mention the fact that it is harder. This is really not all that different than the ...

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Uncharted 3 made me hate the developers more than 2. The vomit-inducing camera shake, the imprecise animation-driven player motion, and the stupid flee sequences were all so frustrating I almost did not finish the game.

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I was going to say the same about Lost Odyssee.

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Red Faction: Armageddon

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But 62/100 is also positive - as is 5/100...

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"I'm going to make one more game"...but will create hundreds of "experiments" as part of that game's design process, spanning dozens of years.

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The dev kits don't necessarily have the same hardware as what they intend for the consumer hardware. If they intend to ship with AMD's next APU, it makes sense to ship developers the current one so that they are working in a representative environment, with guidance on the anticipated performance difference between the A10 and what will be in the console (which may not be consumer hardware at all, but a variant).

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