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We have known for quite a while there isn't a big step up from the 360 to the Xbox One.

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I expected him to be 100% honest and say "yeah our hardware is weak, just slightly better than the Wii U. But you know what, we have Kinect and an "ecosystem" of loyal MS fans who are loyal simply because we are MS, so you'll buy whatever we give you."

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No, not true. The xbox guys in the other thread said they can't tell the difference between other games on PS4 to Xbox One, despite resolution and framerate differences. There clearly isn't one.

Hellen Keler doesn't see any differences either.

Trust them!

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Ah Melman is one of those who believes upscaled DVD looks identical to Blu-Ray. Perhaps it does to him, can't fault him for whatever genetics he inherited from his grandmother Helen Keller.

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Of course parity doesn't matter. People didn't spend $400 on a new console expecting developers to take advantage of the better specs. Nope, they bought them hoping developers would gimp the graphics to the significantly lower powered $500 system.

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GTA V has a beautiful world that is wasted to poor game play mechanics. It is very impressive how well they created such an immerse-full world.

Infamous SS has great game play mechanics wasted with repetitive level designs and missions. The environments are beautiful to look at but it is a short lived experienced due to lack of interesting things to do.

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Are you kidding me? Having game play eats into system resources. Simple game play (like Pong) takes far less processing power than complex game play mechanics (wide range of hit reaction mechanics, physics, levels of destruction, etc). Spending less resources on game play leads to be able to do more in other areas, such as graphics.

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This and Heavy Rain barely qualify as games. What game play they do have is horrible. It can't be hard to have nice graphics when you don't have to put much into the game play engine.

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MS is re-introducing the Kinect only unit for a limited time only. Come November they are going to bury all remaining Kinect units with E.T.

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Of course better gameplay and better graphics is what I prefer. I would imagine most people would choose the PS4 version of The Last of Us over the PS3 version or the PS4 version of Tomb Raider over the PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions given the PS4 version runs the best and looks the best out of those console versions.

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Hilarious, so when a game that isn't pushing the hardware makes 1080p on both systems it means both systems are equally powerful. Microsoft loves the way the die hard Xbox fans think.

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ZodTheRipper's favorite next gen game is The Fighter Within?

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Main reason, caring about games instead of skype. The best gaming experiences are on the PS4.

Now if you want to skype with your Russian mail order bride then get an Xbox One, or PC or one of the many other devices that do skype.

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Is Snake really supposed to be Canadian anyways?

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At least the people who forgot to put their glasses on are consistent. They can't see the difference between the PS4 and Xbox One and they can't see the difference between the Xbox One to 360.

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Shhhh, Xbox One manual clearly says to sit 20 feet back or go further until you can't tell the difference.

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There are already plenty of articles showing the differences. Some of us notice and appreciate the differences, some don't. You can save money on a new console and stick with the 360 version as well.

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And the power of the cloud!!!!!! Just look what the cloud has done for COD and BF4, they look so much better than the PS4 versions.

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Good point PumpkinEater69, the difference does look kind of small when watching on a compressed 30fps youtube stream 10 feet back.

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matt139, clearly this is serious business for you. Too much sarcasm on the internet for you, best you leave now or you'll only become more enraged.

Of course you can keep whining, that is entertaining as well :D

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