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Good score.

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Can't wait to play this game soon.

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Back to $349. Smart move. Microsoft didn't have a choice. PS4 would have stomped over it at the same price.

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Do not want.

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Profits must be bad. They are making the brand look cheap. Price cuts are all over the place. Do they want people to know, there's no point of buying now, next week will be cheaper? That's the message I'm getting from this.

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Nothing surprising. It's always on sale.

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Microsoft should keep the price cut with 2 games bundle permanent, if they want to lead. Or else PS4 will just continue to dominate.

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Agree. Last year was terrible.

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It looks great.

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My prediction. The reveal will be underwhelming and it will not interest me. I'm not bashing, just keeping my expectations in check.

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I think he's overrated.

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I'm surprised. I did not expect that big of a drop for Halo. I thought it was going be a huge hit.
I was wrong. At least it will be in the US, for a month or two.

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No one should pay $1000 for this early. Wait it out to see how rare it really is.

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For me, there's nothing good. The console is weak compared to the PS4. Kinect is dead weight. I have 0 interest in racing and fps games. It would be collecting dust if I had one. Microsoft is constantly cutting the price. There's no point in buying it now. I bet it will be less than $300 in November next year.

Quantum Break looks amazing and Scalebound has potential. So I'm waiting for the games.

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Your website will be shut down before Nintendo does.

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I don't blame you for being unaware. The price cut and Kinect removal was earlier than expected. They needed a way to catch up.

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Agree. It's the best console exclusive this holiday season.

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I think it depends on many factors. Being a new IP and its sales. They needed to advertise this game more. This is one way to do it.

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There's no denying that. You act like the opposite doesn't happen. Which is ridiculous. Calm down dude.

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True but I want to see what they are capable of with a brand new art style and setting or a different genre. They have been doing God of War non stop for their big budget game, it's time to move on.

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