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"Go for the eyes, Boo!"


Another one on this:

Reminded me of The Sims at first, in the opening kitchen scene. #69
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Shouldn't be a problem for the NA version, which will only have English to choose from, most likely. Or should. #2
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Here, have another alt link:

This looks like it may be my favorite AC, yet! Not really sure where they would go from here, however. As long as they stay away from WWII in future games.. #40
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Definitely Assassin's Creed, Mirror's Edge , and well..I actually get a darker Fable feel to it too...from the setting. #47
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Here, have another link:

Also, this is free DLC, so that's a start. If they charged for it.....BioWare would be dead to fans. #36
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I'm so excited for this. Wasn't into the idea of it taking place on American soil at first, but it's looking to be amazing.

Mass Effect 3

And this game will make this a really great gaming year! That, and the never ending supply of mods for Skyrim.. good year, indeedy.

Also, another link to toss on the alt sources since it's reached its 10 limit:
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Fable 4. With Kinect controls. I bet "The Journey" has been scraped in favor of this.. #1
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Personally, I'm waiting for "Better Cities," more so (don't really like the layouts of any of the cities or towns). But I'm excited "Open Cities" is already underway, just hours after the CK's release. #1
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Correct. Except, the SkyrimNexus already offers that with it's Mod Manager. Plus, the Nexus offers better support, and it will most likely remain that way. Steam Workshop is most likely not going to be all that useful or supported by modders as much as the Nexus is.

Anyway, I was hoping for some free DLC that actually adds new quests and such, since I already have Skyrim HD/ENB/Realistic Water/HD Clothes/HD faces and bodies, etc.. But it'l... #7
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The PC version is a bit borked. And can be annoying to navigate at times. Can't wait for a UI overhaul from the modding community! #3
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It's now been added. Totally forgot about that title. #2
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Article has been updated to link to the high-quality GT episode, which they finally uploaded. Just letting you guys know. :D #5
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I wish the Wii was getting this too, since the original ToG was a Wii title. Dumb. #2
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Only two mods are missing from this; The Romance Mod (ability to date/woo/marry/have children with any NPC in the game)

and the Morrowind Overhaul Project (graphics enhancer). #1
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Nintendo's Wii/DS would win based on sales and units sold (plus it was super fun when the Wii first came out, I loved I only play it with friends, as opposed to just alone).

Game wise though (and features), my vote goes to the PC, followed by the 360, as my favorites this gen. The PC usually wins for me though, due to ease of access/support and game mods. #4
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I agree. The game should receive more praise. They've been on top of things, fixing the issues and catering to the fans pretty well. But a lot of people enjoy reading about the downside to things. This is kinda a mix of both that and the good. #1.1
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It's funny. It WILL upset the media. But it wont upset the gamers who actually play the games. In games like GTA, or zombie games, or even RPGs like Skyrim (which will actually have kids), kids need to be present if you want your game world to appear realistic or engaging. If they're that worried about a backlash, then make the kids unkillable..have them get knocked out instead (Fallout 3/New Vegas...though you could kill kids in the first two original titles). Or have the citizens of... #2
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"Iceland is dead in the U.S. after a release bug"

Oh Noes! ;P #1
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San Andreas got a port too. #7
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Fable 2 was my favorite. It's what Fable 1 should have been. Fable 3 was just...decent at best. Something was off about it. Perhaps the storyline, methinks. I did love the steampunk undertones though. But Fable, the series, over all, has become a favorite of mine. Can't wait for Fable 4! I'm hoping it doesn't move forward in time like all the games have done so far...but if it does, lets hope it goes far into the future. Cyberpunk, anyone? #7
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